OMG: 10 YouTube Stars Who Look Totally Different Than When They Started

YouTube seems like it's been around forever and, if you really think about it, has given the world some of the most creative stars in the business.

Of course, there are the Justin Biebers and Austin Mahones walking around Hollywood that got their start singing on YouTube, but that's not who were talking about. We're talking the OG YouTube stars who still or sometimes making videos today!

We're talking about everyone from Tyler Oakley to Michelle Phan to Grace Helbig – the regular people that have gained an enormous fandom right from their bedrooms. We've dug up their first videos ever and you'll be SHOCKED when you see how different they look. No really, 10 years really changes people, especially when you're in front of the camera!

Click through the gallery and let us know which YouTube star you think is the most changed in the comments below!

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