SO SAD: Anna Kendrick Opens Up About the First Guy That Broke Her Heart

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The world knows Anna Kendrick as the sweet, super bubbly gal that made her face known around the world after she gave an epic performance in Pitch Perfect. Now she's opening up like she never has before about the boy that broke her heart years ago!

Anna has a new book coming out, Scrappy Little Nobody where she details this part of her life and it's all super sad. She wrote, "Looking back, it’s hard for me to understand what I was doing. Why on earth would I pursue someone who had no interest in me?

It’s not like we had fun together; the man didn’t like me so much as tolerate me. I suppose the easy answer is that I hadn’t had a decent relationship yet, so I thought bagging a 'cool' and attractive male was the whole objective."

She continued, "I cried. So much. It was hideously embarrassing. I know it’s childish and lame, but you’re allowed to be a miserable s--t for a while after you get dumped."

Aww! Anna even alludes to the fact that this particular guy probably cheated on her and she just didn't even pick up on the signs. Even though this may have been a rough situation at the time, it seems like Anna really learned from the experience. Plus, she has a point. Why would she ever want to be with someone that didn't want to be with her?

You go girl!

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