Ariana Grande Cancels Her Shows After Getting Sick!

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Ariana grande sick cancels show

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Aww, poor Ariana Grande! The Yours Truly star has been extremely busy promoting her debut album, which hasn't given her a lot of time to relax. Because of this, Ariana has a vocal cord hemorrhage and has to rest or risk damaging her beautiful voice permanently!

According to Page Six, a source said, "Ariana had a show in LA on Monday night, then on Tuesday she woke up and felt unwell. She tried to sing with her vocal coach, who recommended she see a doctor. She has a vocal cord hemorrhage. She is devastated at this news, but she knows she will have to rest."

This isn't the first time we've seen Ariana's health impacted by her busy schedule. While we hope she has a quick recovery, we also want the star to take the downtime she needs to really feel better. If you do too, leave a comment for her below!

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