Ariana Grande Explains Her Intense Connection With Nathan Sykes

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Ariana Grande recently admitted her current boyfriend Nathan Sykes is her first true love, but she just revealed something else too — she's never had a connection with anyone like she has with him!

In her interview with Sugarscape, she talked about performing with Nathan, saying, "It's comforting to have him on stage with me. I never know what he's going to do vocally, though. He always comes out and does all these surprise runs that I've never heard before, so I'm just nervous that I'm going to mess up a harmony or something because I'll be blown off track by the run that surprised me. [His voice] is amazing, he's a gift. I love singing with him."

Not only does Ariana love singing with him, but she's really loving dating a fellow musician because he really understands her since he has the same career.

"It's nice to be with a musician," Ariana said. "I've never had that connection with somebody before."

These two lovebirds seem like they've been glued at the hip lately, but when they do have to spend time apart, Ariana admits they know how to make things work, saying, "No, it's not too hard — we don't have to wait that long to see each other. We both sort of take any day off that we have to go and find the other person."

And when they don't get to see each other for longer periods of time? Nariana is a big fan of FaceTime and Skype!

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