Unreal: Ariana Grande's Mom Rapping Mac Miller's Verse From "The Way" Is Honestly Too Good


So it's confirmed: Joan Grande isn't just a regular mom – she's a cool mom.

While at a recent one of her daughter's shows, the 49 year old took over the mic to help out Ari with "The Way." Ariana's bae Mac Miller wasn't there to rap his verse, but don't sweat it – Joan handled it.

"Go Mommy, go Mommy," Ariana shouted, proudly introducing her mother.

To be completely honest, we will never look at Joan Grande the same way again after witnessing this magic. Truth be told, she is giving her daughter's bf a run for his money with these insane skills. We wonder how long she had to practice to pull this off. Part of us wants to believe she rehearsed over and over, but something tells us this just comes naturally to her. You know, considering how talented her kids are and all. Not only is Ariana the hottest pop singer of the young generation, but her brother Frankie Grande is a super fab performer himself.

After all, it was Joan who discovered that Ariana had an incredible voice to begin with. Before Ari started singing professionally, her mom noticed her God-given talent while she was singing in the car.

Joan has been known to be extremely supportive of her daughter. After releasing a heartfelt statement after the recent attack on Ariana Grande's Manchester concert, Joan also made it a point to go out and meet fans at the benefit concert which followed.

Let it be known – Ariana Grande's mom is as hip and supportive as they get.

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