Ariana Grande Says Distance Is Never an Issue With Nathan Sykes!

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Even though they're from two different countries, Ariana Grande and boyfriend Nathan Sykes of The Wanted have no problem making things work. In fact, those miles between them mean absolutely nothing!

In Ariana's interview with The Sun, she admits they usually don't go very long without seeing each other, saying, "We have the same management so it’s easy to look at each other’s schedules and pick out a certain time. But we’re not separated for more than a week at a time, usually."

When they are separated, she loves using FaceTime to stay in touch and the distance doesn't bother her a bit, saying, "It doesn’t even matter. It’s just such a happy thing. The distance doesn’t really take a toll when you’re that happy."

We're so glad Ariana and Nathan's new relationship is going so well! She recently said she loves dating a fellow musician because of how well he understands her, so it looks like these two are meant to last.

Do you think Ariana and Nathan will stay together for a long time? Let us know in the comments!

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