Exclusive: Baby Ariel Talks Debut Single "Aww" and Which Other Web Stars She Admires Most

Kacie Tomita

Baby Ariel rose to fame by lip syncing her favorite songs on musical.ly, and now she has people jamming out to her very own music on the app. The social media sensation grew up with music all around her, and now she finally has finally released a song, titled "Aww" – and let us just assure you it is a TOTAL. JAM. But let's be real – you already knew that.

Baby Ariel's debut single isn't the only fun and catchy tune you'll here from her though. There's more where this one came from, and we caught up with the singer to catch up on this new musical journey of hers. She even spilled about other social media stars she looks up to, along with filling us in on the things guys do that makes her say "aww" or "ehh." Watch our Facebook Live interview with Baby Ariel below for all things music, social media and more.

In addition to spilling that stepping into the studio for the first time did take some adjusting, the singer also filled us in on what to expect with her upcoming music – and it is safe to say her songs will be just as catchy and irresistible as "Aww" is.

"It's going to be kind of like ["Aww"], where it is pop – but it does have a certain twist on it," she exclusively told J-14.

As for the vision behind the music video, Baby Ariel basically just wanted to achieve cuteness overload.

She told us, "The song is talking about, 'Aww, you're so freaking cute.' But like, when you say, 'You're so freaking cute,' you could be talking about a puppy."

So naturally, they just decided to go with all things cute.

Tiny food? Check. Attractive boys? Check. Fuzzy animals? Check. What more can you ask for, really?

In addition to dishing all about "Aww," Baby Ariel also let us in on her social media and singing inspirations.

"I always used to watch Cameron Dallas. I looked up to him a lot because he started on Vine and then he started doing shows. Then, he released a song... modeling," she spilled. "Also I love Miranda Sings, and she makes me laugh."

Pretty good social media icons to look up to, if you ask us! We can't wait to see what else is in store for Baby Ariel. Until then, you can catch us listening to "Aww" on repeat.


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