Bella Thorne Isn't Interested in the 'Hollywood' Lifestyle

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Bella thorne not interested in hollywood lifestyle

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While most celebrities are only concerned about the perks of being in Hollywood, like the fancy cars and lavish lifestyle, that's the last thing on Bella Thorne's mind. In fact, she doesn't want anything to do with it!

Even though the Shake It Up star has a huge fanbase, she wants to stay as down-to-earth as she possibly can. In her interview with Unleash'd magazine, she talks about what kind of lifestyle she does prefer.

“I have absolutely no interest in a ‘Hollywood’ lifestyle,” Bella said. "I want to go to my friends' school games and dances. I want to dedicate more of my time to helping kids and providing clean water across the world. I want to study as much as I can all the time.”

Not only that, but Bella also wants to be sure she uses her fame to benefit others who need help.

"As an actress, I want to use my platform to work more steadily with organizations that I feel passionate about. If fame can bring attention to those areas, that is the reason I want it so there is no struggle. I have no other motive in Hollywood."

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