Kiss Kiss: Bella Thorne's Ex Has ~Thoughts~ About Those Tana Mongeau Kissing Pics

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One thing is for sure, Bella Thorne does what she wants, especially when it comes to her dating life. She's got a long list of ex-lovers, including Gregg Sulkin, Charlie Puth, and Tyler Posey. Most recently, she was linked to blackbear. But after photos surfaced of the Famous In Love singer smooching YouTube star Tana Mongeau, shippers are hoping this relationship is the real deal. Bella and Tana are literally couldn't help their hands to themselves in the photos and their kisses are making us blush. They look really, really into each other. No, like, more into each other than we saw Bella look with Scott Disick, who so conveniently had his hands all over her during a summer trip to Cannes, France. But, WE DIGRESS.

Their kissing photos have her ex blackbear talking — and might start a whole lot of drama between them. Watch the video and check out the steamy kisses Bella and Tana shared over the weekend!

Tana is a new gal in Bella's life – well, publicly at least. There's no telling how long they have known each other or been friends, but it's obvious there's chemistry between them. Our fingers are crossed that we'll get some answers soon considering we had no idea Bella and blackbear were even on the outs. Even though they seemingly made their relationship official by adopting a dog together and walking red carpets side-by-side, the actress claims that they were never boyfriend/girlfriend.

She tweeted, "We didn't break up cuz we were never like that."

Soon after, blackbear dissed Bella's budding new relationship. The artist took a screengrab of an article claiming that he was upset about Tana. Then, he took a zoomed-in screengrab of the "Flag as irrelevant" option.

Basically, he's calling their relationship irrelevant — and Tana and Bella didn't take it lightly! Bella made a sassy statement about how he didn't seem upset when they had talked about doing something together "30 min ago." Meanwhile, the YouTuber responded directly to the tweet: "how irrelevant is it to u if ur tweeting about it tho 😦."

Ouch! As for Bella and Tana's relationship status, we're still waiting on some answers. While Tana did tweet about wanting to date Bella, neither of the girls have confirmed their status outside of the photos. It's important to remember that sometimes celebrities do things to get the people talking. However, Bella has said in the past that she is open to having a girlfriend and identifies as bisexual. She's expressed her attraction towards Disney Channel star, Dove Cameron, many times. All we know is, she's just being Bella! And Bella doesn't need labels.

This post was published on September 25, 2017 and has since been updated.


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