Book Review: Amigas: Fifteen Candles


Four friends. One sweet fifteen. Miami is heating up!

Miami, Florida, has it all--beaches, boys, sun, and fun. It also has quinceneras. Lots of them! The fantastic parties thrown for Latina girls turning fifteen are a staple of the Miami social scene. For Alicia Cruz and her three best friends -- Carmen, Jamie, and Gaz -- they are just part of the background of summer.

But this summer, things are going to change. After meeting Sarita, a new girl in town, at her internship, Alicia ends up volunteering to help organize Sarita's quince. She also volunteers her friends. Soon Alicia is drowning in preparation and turning into a quincezilla-- and it isn't even her party! But there is just so much to do -- there are shoes to be bought, dances to choreograph, and then there is Gaz. He is being flirtier than usual with Alicia and she's not sure what to do. It seems like Alicia is dangerously close to losing her friends...and her mind! Will she learn to trust her amigas and rock the party?

Grab your copy of Amigas: Fifteen Candles -- the first book in the new series inspired by Jennifer Lopez!

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