WAIT, WHAT: Calvin Harris Publicly Thanks Taylor Swift on Twitter


Getty Images

Despite having what can only be considered as the rockiest friendship ever, all seems to be currently on the mend between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift.

The DJ and the singer have thrown their fair share of shade at one another since their split over the summer, and at the same praised one another for their individual successes.

Keeping up with where they currently stand with one another has been a bit of a headache, but Calvin may have cleared it all up with one single tweet.

It all started and ended with a tweet revealing that the DJ’s latest hit single with Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For,” which Taylor had a hand in writing – became certified 2x platinum in the UK.

Instead of using the moment to shade his ex or draw attention away from their joint success, Calvin took the high-road and tweeted out how thankful he was to work with both Rihanna and Taylor.

The praise is definitely a change of pace from the possible shade he threw at the “Blank Space” singer in his latest video. Let’s just hope that with this one tweet, all drama will cease to exist between Calvin and Taylor.

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