No Luck: Charlie Puth Won't Comment On the Danielle Campbell Dating Rumors


It looks like Charlie Puth is a man in love again and it's none other than Danielle Campbell that might've stolen his heart. Or at least that's what fans are thinking and we must say, the evidence is piling up. But let's back up a minute here, since well he won't actually admit if any of it is true or not.

The "Attention" singer appeared on the Bizarre Life with Dan Wootton podcast and Dan straight-up asked Charlie if he's dating Danielle. Charlie then politely declined to answer and explained why he doesn't care to comment on his personal life anymore, thanks to some wisdom from his mom.

"My whole thing is, I had such trouble when everything landed in the public even when I didn’t want it to and there were times I was like, 'Oh I’m with this person, that’s kind of cool' because this whole fame thing is so brand new to me, and it never ended well," Charlie said to Dan. "It ended with my mom calling me saying, 'Why am I seeing you on this show and I'm going to the supermarket and seeing you on the front cover of this magazine, people aren't going to see you as the musician, they’re not going to know you produced "See You Again," "Marvin Gaye," "One Call Away" and "We Don't talk Anymore," they’re just seeing you for all this stuff.' So with all due respect, what ever you read, it’s whatever." When asked if he's happy, Charlie simply said yes he is and that means he's totally inspired to make some fire new songs.

"That’s really all that matters because when I’m happy, I can make good music. If I’m unhappy, I can’t make good music. So I’ll say yes, I’m very happy in my life right now," he said. And that means he is dating someone, which he confirmed when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after Ellen asked him if he's on any dating apps and he quickly responded he's not because he's in a relationship.

"I'm actually not single right now, I'm in a relationship but I went through this whole thing when I was on your show last I was talking about [it], but I'm kind of done with dating people in the public. It never ends well, especially for me," he said.

OK, so he's most likely referring to the drama that swirled from his fling with Bella Thorne we all know about by now. A refresher: Bella and Charlie were friends, they hung out one weekend and it seemed like things were romantic but then Charlie took to Twiter to vent his feelings since he thought Bella was still dating her ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey and seeing Charlie at the same time, although Bella claims she never "dated" Charlie and it wasn't anything serious. Perhaps that fiasco really was the deciding factor when it came to Charlie doing all he can to keep his love life super hush-hush. And that brings us to Danielle.

Fans have taken note of the fact that Charlie and the beauty follow each other on social media and on Instagram, Charlie has been liking her most recent photos, and she's been liking his too, and Charlie even left a comment on one of her pics telling her "I like your hat."

Now that obviously seems like a funny comment between friends, but could also be an inside joke between them and that's very coupley of them. Plus, Danielle is following Charlie's siblings on the Gram which is pretty important. The other piece of evidence that has fans really thinking these two are an item is that Charlie posted and then deleted a pic where he was calling someone on FaceTime who didn't answer. And from the way he cropped the pic, the name up top looks like it spells hers out, plus he looked rather sad the person he was trying to reach was unavailable.

Danielle last famously dated Louis Tomlinson, but as we all know, he's back together with his former love Eleanor Calder. Danielle and Louis had a rather public relationship too, so if she really has found love again with Charlie, we doubt there will ever be any actual proof since these two are all about laying low now. Time will tell...


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This post was originally published on Oct. 20, 2017 and has since been updated.

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