Dan Radcliffe Ready to Move on from Harry Potter


While Harry Potter fans everywhere would do just about anything to get their hands on another Potter book, Daniel Radcliffe isn't quite as enthusiastic about the idea. In fact, he texted J.K. Rowling in the middle of the night asking if the rumors were true.

READ IT: J-14 Editor Blog: Dan Radcliffe succeeds on Broadway with tons of trying "I was worried!" Dan reveals. "I said, 'Look, is this true? Are you writing another book?! She wrote back that she was so pleased with my performance in Harry Potter 7: Part 1 that as a reward, she promised to never write another book about Harry," Dan said.

After growing up on the Harry Potter set, it makes sense that Dan's ready to move on -- especially with his blossoming career as a Broadway star!

How do you feel about the ending of Harry Potter? Would you want J.K. Rowling to write an 8th book?

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