Did Taylor Swift and Douglas Booth Go on a Date?

Getty Images

After Taylor Swift was spotted looking very friendly with Douglas Booth in London this past weekend, everyone thought she had finally found her real-life Romeo (he does play the character in Romeo & Juliet, afterall!), but are these two really headed toward a happily ever after?

According to The Sun, the duo rented out a section of a restaurant and hung out in a corner where other customers couldn't reach them. A source described the evening, saying, "When they did come out they were laughing and joking. They seemed like they were getting on brilliantly — they seemed very close."

Even though Taylor and Douglas hung out for a few hours, Taylor's rep confirmed there's nothing going on between them and they're "just friends." We're sure her bestie Hailee Steinfeld would have been really happy to see them together — especially since he seems like he seems like such a romantic guy!

Do you think Taylor and Douglas would make a cute couple? Let us know in the comments below!

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