Did Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Make a Pact to Date?

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Taylor ed sheeran

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After relationship after relationship not working out, like with Harry Styles and Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift might have finally found the answer to her problem, and you'll never get the solution -- Ed Sheeran!

Taylor and Ed are reportedly sick of falling in love just to have their hearts broken so they've done something some people might find crazy -- they've made a secret love pact! Now instead of wondering what's going to happen in the future, they've decided if they don't find their true love by the time they're 30, their back-up plan is to just be together.

According to Star Magazine, "Ed and Taylor are very close and that's why they've jokingly discussed the possibility of getting together if they're both on the market in seven years' time."

Why wait until they're 30? An insider said, "Neither of them wants to settle down at the moment -- or jeopardise their friendship with a potentially damaging fling."

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