OMG: Does Niall Horan Have a Secret Girlfriend?

Niall horan secret girlfriend

Getty Images

Lately there's been a lot of rumors going around about whether Niall Horan of One Direction is single or not -- especially when it comes to Zoe Whelan, an Irish model that even went to Niall's brother's wedding last March. Niall claims he's "single pringle," but we're not so sure!

Recently, Zoe has been giving hints about her relationship with Niall. When The Irish Herald asked her about dating him, she even responded with, "It's a secret really."

She wouldn't reveal much more, but did say, "“I love listening to music. And I do like their songs."

According to The Sun, Zoe was pretty upset when she heard the rumors that Niall was spending a little too much time with Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson and broke up with him on the spot, but according to a source, they were still trying to figure out things between them.

If they worked things out and are keeping it a secret, they sure are doing a great job. Since Zoe was getting a lot of hate from people on Twitter for her romance with Niall, we can see why she wouldn't want it to be out in the open this time.

Do you think Niall and Zoe are together? Or is Niall totally single pringle? Let us know in the comments!

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