Expecting Big Things From Life Unexpected


Hey J-14ers,

So I was a little skeptical when I first heard about Life Unexpected. Juno was never a fave flick of mine (I know, I know...) but Gilmore Girls is my absolute fave TV show ever. The premise of this new show on The CW, which was also the home of GG, just sounded like the opposite show on the same channel.

But I'm glad I watched because I absolutely loved the first episode. Usually it takes a bit to get into the pilot since you have to get to know all about the characters, but Lux, Cate Cassidy, and Nate "Baze" Bazile were so well-written that I felt like I knew them the second they appeared on screen. I was also a big Dawson's Creek fan back in the day, so seeing Kerr Smith play Cate's BF wasn't so bad either.

If there's one thing you should look out for, it's Britt Robertson. She stole the screen as Cara, Steve Carell's oldest daughter in 2007's Dan In Real Life, and she's completely believable as Lux on Life Unexpected. You'll want to be her BFF -- or at least laugh with her as she watches funny YouTube clips.

I'm psyched for tonight's new episode! So tell me, have you been tuning in?

<3, Emily, J-14 editor

Photo: Courtesy of Richard Phibbs / The CW

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