EXCLUSIVE: Find Out Why Liz Gillies, Matt Bennett and Nathan Kress Are Appearing on 'Sam & Cat'!

Sam cat special nickelodeon


When we found out some of the previous iCarly and Victorious cast members, Liz Gillies, Matt Bennett and Nathan Kress, will be making a special guest appearance alongside Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy on Sam & Cat, we got really excited! But now we've learned what trouble they'll be stirring up in the one-hour special.

J-14.com has an EXCLUSIVE description of the episode:

When Sam meets Cat's friend Jade from Hollywood Arts, Sam and Jade become friends, leaving Cat feeling a little left out. Taking some questionable advice from Nona, Cat decides to retaliate by "stealing" a friend of Sam's — and it's Freddie Benson! As Cat tries to get cozy with Freddie, Sam finds out and goes after a friend of Cat's — Robbie Shapiro! The jealousy comes to a crashing climax at Fisherman's Wharf, where Dice has hired Sam to jump her motorcycle over a tank full of vicious man-biting tuna.

With that much drama about to take place, we can hardly wait to watch everything unfold! Especially when it looks like they're having this much fun on set -- umm, minus the sniffing?!

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