Gigi Hadid Admits That Her and Taylor Swift Really Love British Boys


Getty Images

Even though Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Tom Hiddleston called it quits, that doesn't mean she still doesn't have a thing for British boys and their accents! Just think about it, the "Bad Blood" singer has dated loads of guys from the U.K.

First, there was Harry Styles then Calvin Harris and then Tom. And who else can't get away from them? Her bestie Gigi Hadid who is obviously dating Bradford bad boy Zayn Malik!

The supermodel opened up to ES magazine about why they have a thing for the British heartthrobs. She confessed, "I think we both like the British sense of charm."

Aww! While we're not exactly sure what this particular British charm entails, we have a feeling it means treating their gals like princesses. Gigi has said in the past that Zayn cooks for her, sings for her and really supports her in everything that she does.

He even attends her fashion shows to show his support. We can't imagine what he does not in the public eye! Not only that but Harry is definitely a charmer as well.

Are we sensing a trend here? Is it JUST the One Direction guys that win over the ladies or every U.K. guy? LOL! Regardless, it's pretty cute that these besties have the same taste in boys!

Do you like British guys? Let us know in the comments below!

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