Is Harry Styles Going to Be a Movie Star?

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Harry styles movie star

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Harry Styles has already starred in One Direction's documentary This Is Us, but is he going to jump into actual acting and become a real movie star? According to film producer Harvey Weinstein, that could definitely be possible under one condition — he has to date one of his daughters!

Harvey told The Sun how much his daughters love 1D and evidently he's totally willing to help Harry get a movie role if he agrees to spend some time with his kids.

"Harry Styles will definitely be a movie star if he wants to... First he's got to date all three of my daughters," Harvey said. "They all think he is extremely handsome. Once that's sorted, he can be in any film he wants."

Obviously Harvey was joking and Harry could probably get any role he wanted on his own, but we still think it's hilarious how the producer is trying to set up his daughters! Although he better watch out, because Kendall Jenner might get a little jealous.

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