Is Jennette McCurdy Mad That Ariana Grande Makes More Money Than Her?

Jennette mccurdy ariana grande drama

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There has been serious drama surrounding Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande since Saturday night's 2014 Kids' Choice Awards. Jennette shocked everyone by skipping the show and even unfollowed Ariana on her social media accounts. So what's really going on between the girls? TMZ reports that it all comes down to money.

Jennette previously told her fans that Nickelodeon put her in an "uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation" and according to a source close to Jennette, the "unfair position" has to do with how much she's getting paid. The former iCarly star, who has been working with Nickelodeon for over eight years, reportedly makes significantly less than Ariana. When Jennette tried to negotiate her pay, the network shut her down.

The source also revealed that Jennette's anger is directed solely at Nickelodeon and not at Ariana. However, that doesn't explain why Jennette unfollowed Ariana's Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Do you think Jennette did the right thing by standing up to Nickelodeon and not attending the KCAs? Is it unfair that they pay her less than Ariana? Sound off in the comments below!

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