J-14 Editor Blog: But Where's 'The Hunger Games' Cornucopia? & Other Questions About the Trailer


Hi J-14ers!

When I first heard that The Hunger Games book was about kids killing each other in an arena, I immediately squirmed. There was no way I was about to read such a violent tale... I want to be able to sleep at night and not have crazy nightmares! Nevertheless, I decided to give the book a chance, and I quickly realized that there's so much greater depth and meaning to the story.

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Like the Harry Potter books, I was enamored and couldn't stop reading -- I found myself sneaking in a few pages whenever I could, whether I was at the park at lunch time, waiting for the bus, and maybe even a couple of times when was walking (oops!). There's just something about the way Suzanne Collins paints the picture of this post-apocalyptic world that's so compelling that I pictured it so vividly in my head.

Despite the controversies about Josh Hutcherson playing Peeta Mellark and Liam Hemsworth playing Gale Hawthorne, I thought it was brilliant casting. Josh is the perfect "baker's son" thrust into the arena and completely dedicated to Katniss, his one-and-only love. And Liam makes the perfect Gale, the hunting buddy-turned-crush who is kept away from the girl he loves.


So needless to say, I was counting the minutes until Josh premiered The Hunger Games trailer on Good Morning America a few weeks ago. And whoa. I was so overwhelmed! It really was like the vision in my head popped out onto the screen... except for a few little things. So here are my questions about The Hunger Games trailer...

1- If this takes place in the future, why does it look like they're in the past? I understand that it's in a futuristic world where in District 12 they don't exactly have the best quality of life. But being that it is the future, why are their outfits reminiscent of the turn of the century? And why are the rundown buildings and dirt road so colonial looking?

2- Why is the electric fence so flimsy? The way the electric fence at the edge of District 12 is described in the book, I see it as this completely intimidating fence with no way through. Katniss has braved it and realized it's not on... and that's part of her cleverness. But the way it looks in the trailer, I feel like anyone could pass that fence without a worry!

3- Why does the town square look like a concert arena? When the town square was described in the book, I pictured something almost out of Gilmore Girls -- a grassy area in the middle of District 12 with maybe a gazebo in the center. But of course more worn down and decrepit. In the glimpse we saw of it, it almost looked more like a fairgrounds stage that hadn't been used in decades.

And my ultimate question... 4- Where's the cornucopia? I'm actually okay with all of the above just being different than I pictured -- but here's the one thing that I'm not okay with. Where the heck is the cornucopia in the arena? In the books, it's described as a huge horn in the middle of the arena between the platforms that the Tributes all enter the stadium on. And if I remember correctly, it's so big that you often can't see the other Tributes because it's blocking it. But in the trailer, it's just grass in between all of them and we can easily see all 24 of them. I know Katniss doesn't grab the backpack from the cornucopia, so it makes sense that she's taking it off the grass. Yet still, shouldn't the cornucopia be somewhere in the middle when we see the 24 platforms lift? Maybe I'm missing something, but that's how it looked to me...

But even still, I'm completely looking forward to the movie and can't wait to see how The Hunger Games all plays out on screen.

What do you think of The Hunger Games trailer?

Can't wait to hear from you! Rachel Chang J-14 Editor

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