J-14 Exclusive: 4 Things You Don't Know About One Direction's Louis Tomlinson


Oh J-14 Magazine readers, you're extraordinHARRY, you're phenomeNIALL, you're amaZAYN, and you're definitely fabLOUIS and brilLIAM! We presented you with a "J-14 ♥s 1D Challenge" to get us to 520,000 Likes on Facebook -- and you did it! We're too lucky to have such dedicated readers spreading all the love!

To celebrate, we're unlocking a J-14 Magazine exclusive video -- the next One Direction guy's video that you voted for in our J-14 "4 Things You Don't Know About Me" series... this one featuring Louis Tomlinson!

What are 4 Things that Louis Tomlinson decided to tell J-14 readers that they may not know about him? (Remember, he did this back in January, so if you've been reading J-14 Magazine, you're sure to know a few by now!)

And again, please forgive us for the poor lighting... One Direction invited us backstage, where it was nice and cozy, but dark.

Now that you've already unlocked Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson's videos... how can you unlock Liam Payne's final video? Here's the challenge...

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And here's your exclusive Louis Tomlinson video...

What's your favorite thing about One Direction's Louis Tomlinson?

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