J-14 Exclusive: Bailee Madison Talks 'Parental Guidance'


Bailee Madison may look familiar from her role as Maxine on 'Wizards of Waverly Place,' but she's moved on from witches and wizards to the big screen! Her latest role is Harper Simmons in the comedy 'Parental Guidance.' In the movie, Harper and her two younger brothers cause tons of hilarious problems for their grandparents who agree to babysit them while their parents are away. We caught up with the 13-year-old actress to talk all things 'Parental Guidance' -- in theaters now!

J-14: In 'Parental Guidance' you and your two brothers create havoc for your grandparents. What was the craziest thing that happened on set? Bailee Madison: While filming the rain scene, there were hot tubs for the cast to warm up in. Josh and Kyle, who play my brothers in the film, thought the hot tub was way cooler than filming in the freezing cold rain, because we were outside in 23-degree weather. There were so many bribes going on on-set to get the boys out of there. I think I owed them 20 chocolate bars by the end of the night! J-14: Did you ever play any pranks on each other?

Bailee: More tricks than pranks. Joshua Rush, who plays Turner, was super slow when it came to changing out of his costume, so I decided to race him every night to see who could change, hang up their clothes, and get in the van the fastest. He absolutely loved it and little did he know it was so we could all get back to the hotel a lot sooner!

J-14: What was the hardest scene to film? Bailee: Those that had to do with me flirting with Cody, who's played by Mavrick Moreno. I've never done anything like that before, so it was super awkward, which in turn, made the scenes really awkward!

J-14: What did everyone do in between takes? Bailee: Bette and Billy were always singing and dancing in between takes. There was one time when Andy, our director yelled, "Action!" for one of the more dramatic scenes, and Bette and I were singing so loud that we didn't hear it! They had to scream it five more times until we heard them!

J-14: Give our readers three reasons they should go see 'Parental Guidance.' Bailee: 1. It's the perfect film for the whole family. 2. You're going to laugh, cry and want to see it over and over again. 3. If you want to relate to a bunch of awkward teens/tweens, this is definitely
your movie! Are you going to see Bailee Madison in 'Parental Guidance?'

By Lindsey Smith

Photo: Courtesy of JSquared Photography.

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