J-14 Exclusive Interview: Becca Tobin Talks 'Glee'


By Ashley Spencer

She may play mean girl Kitty Wilde on 'Glee,' but in real life, newcomer Becca Tobin couldn't be sweeter! We caught up with Becca to get the scoop on what it's really like to be a part of the 'Glee' phenom... and her answers might surprise you!

J-14: Were you a fan of 'Glee' before joining the show?

Becca: I was a 'Glee' fan before I joined the show! Since my background is musical theater, it was exciting to see a TV show that incorporated music so much and in such a genius way.

J-14: What was it like joining the 'Glee' cast as the "new girl"?

Becca: Joining the cast as the "new girl" was intimidating, to say the least, but having the other new kids, like Melissa Benoist and Jacob Artist, made it a lot easier. The cast and crew were so welcoming, and very excited to have us join.

J-14: What's the best advice you've gotten from the original cast members?

Becca: The best advice I received so far was from Naya Rivera [who plays Santana]. She said, "Always know your lines before you get to work and BE ON TIME!" For some reason being on time in this industry can be a lost art form, especially for actors! It's important to remember that other people are always waiting for you on set, and its really unfair to make them wait.

J-14: What can we expect from Kitty in upcoming episodes?

Becca: In the upcoming episodes, we are going to see the same old mean Kitty, but we also get to see that she has a heart and is also very human! I'm excited for the viewers to get to know her a little better.

'Glee' airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

Photo: Courtesy of FOX

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