J-14 Exclusive: Leon Thomas III Talks Touring with Big Time Rush and the End of 'Victorious'


Victorious may be heading into its final season, but for Leon Thomas III, the show was just the beginning! This talented singer has recorded covers with Ariana Grande and is now joining Big Time Rush on the final leg of their Big Time Summer Tour! We caught up with Leon to get the scoop on touring with the guys and what we can expect from the final episode of 'Victorious!'

J-14: What's been the best part of joining the Big Time Summer Tour so far? Leon Thomas: The best part of joining the Big Time Rush Tour is meeting all the new fans and getting an opportunity to show love on stage. It's also great to finally get a chance to hang out with the BTR guys.

J-14: What's your favorite song to perform live each night? Leon Thomas: My favorite song to perform live right now is 'Movin' On' -- it's so much fun to sing!

J-14: Any crazy moments on tour so far? Has Big Time Rush pranked you? Leon Thomas: So far I haven't seen any pranks, but I hear it's tour tradition to prank someone on the last show date, so we'll see!

J-14: You've done some covers with some pretty cool people. Tell us a little bit about working with Ariana Grande. Leon Thomas: Ariana and I did a cover of Drake and Rihanna's song 'Take Care,' We haven't done a video yet, but I'm looking forward to making it happen!

J-14: The final season of Victorious will air soon. What can we expect from it? Leon Thomas: It's by far one of our most exciting seasons yet - you'll have to tune in!

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records

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