J-14 Exclusive: Meet the Cast of Majors & Minors - Josh Metzler


Josh Metzler, 15 years old, is from Gilbert, AZ. Josh enjoys singing, writing original songs and plays the guitar, keyboard and violin. Currently Josh has more than 10,000 followers on YouTube and has received more than 415,000 views. He recently won Top Teen at NCMF and in May 2011 he won an award for Outstanding Musicianship at Forum Music Festival. Favorite artists: Jack Johnson, Adele, and Paramore.

J-14 Fun Facts About Josh Metzler: 1. Before the show I couldn't dance for my life! 2. My first cover was of "Hey There Delilah" (well, it was the first song I learned, I never recorded it). 3. When I was in 2nd Grade I did a gymnastics routine to "Eye of the Tiger" for the school talent show. 4. In one of my YouTube videos I recorded in my sister's room and the word "Princess" was spelled out in sparkly letters behind my head. 5. I recorded mostly all of my videos for YouTube in the bathroom.


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