J-14 Exclusive: Perrie Edwards Talks Little Mix, The X Factor UK, and Zayn Malik


We can't get enough of Little Mix here at J-14, and we absolutely loved catching up with Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne last month -- but unfortunately, Perrie Edwards was off sick with tonsillitis! Now that she's recovered, Perrie called us up to talk all things Little Mix, The X Factor UK, their plans for U.S. domination, and yes, even her uber-famous One Direction BF Zayn Malik.

J-14: First things first! What made you decide to audition for 'The X Factor UK' to begin with? Perrie Edwards: My mum. [Laughs] To be honest, I did not want to audition for 'The X Factor.' I was so scared. I had no confidence. I had never really sung in front of that many people before. So, it was really nerve-wracking. But my mum, she woke me up at like 4 in the morning, and was like, 'You're going to The X Factor!' I was like, 'No, mum! People will laugh at me. People will actually laugh! I don't want to!' And she was like, 'You have to!' But I think, luckily, thanks to my mum, I actually went and it's the best thing I've ever done. So, thank you mum!

J-14: Aw! Okay, what was your favorite 'The X Factor UK' performance? [We can't get enough of the girls' winning single performance of "Cannonball"!] Perrie: I loved when we performed "ET" [by Katy Perry] for Halloween Week. That was really fun. It was fun to play a character and be little freaky dolls. It was just really good.

J-14: We're also absolutely obsessed with the dog that you and Zayn recently got! How did you decide to get him -- and where does the name Hatchi come from? Perrie: Me and Leigh-Anne are obsessed with animals. We've always wanted to get a band dog. But Jesy and Jade were like, 'No! We're not getting a dog!' So Leigh-Anne and I were like, 'Fine, we'll just get our own.' Leigh-Anne just got a puppy off her boyfriend and obviously I've got Hatchi -- and I just love him to death! He's like a big fluffball! I wish I could take him everywhere with me but he's a bit naughty. I need to train him a bit more first and then I can. [The name is from] a film about a dog called 'Hatchi: A Dog's Tale.' And it's quite a depressing movie. I didn't really name him that because of the movie -- I just liked the name!

J-14: So cute! When we asked fans to come up with some questions for you, we had a huge Twitter response! So, we've selected two different ones for you! First off, what does your most recent single "DNA" mean to you? Perrie: The meaning behind "DNA" is when obviously someone is in a relationship with someone and they're so in love with them and they kind of get obsessed. Everyone's been in a relationship at that point where you break up and then you'll check Facebook or you'll stalk them on Twitter or whatever just to see what they're doing. We kind of took it to the extreme with "DNA" and made it about obsession. [Laughs]

J-14: We've all done some Facebook stalking, definitely, so fans can really relate to that! And finally, what's the cutest or craziest fan encounter you've ever had? Perrie: We were on our radio tour and we went to Manchester. We got out of the car and there were hundreds of people there! They all had party poppers and cakes and sweets and everything. It was like a little street party for us -- and it was so cute! We always get amazing things like that. Our fans are so giving toward us. So, it was amazing. It was really overwhelming. It was adorable!

J-14: So sweet! And we have to ask: will you be coming to the U.S. to see your American fans soon? Perrie: We just can't wait! Obviously, we've seen all the support we have on Twitter and everything like that and it would just be so lovely to get there and see the fans. Hopefully soon!

Photo: Graham Stone/Startraks Photo. Inset: Courtesy of Twitter.

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