J-14 Exclusive Q&A with Carly Chaikin


You know Carly Chaikin as Galadriel in The Last Song, and now she's playing "It" girl Dahlia Royce in the comedy series Suburgatory. In honor of one of Carly's big episodes, "Driving Miss Dalia" (which airs tonight!), J-14 chatted with Carly about the show, how she got her start, and what it was like working with her pals Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Catch Suburgatory tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

J-14: What is your character Dahlia like? Are you guys similar at all? Carly Chaikin: She's pretty much the Queen Bee and mean girl of the school. I like to compare her to Regina George in Mean Girls. When Tess moves into the suburbs, I'm the first persons he meets because I have to take her around school. I kind of hate her because Tess is the antithesis of Dahlia. It turns out that their parents start becoming friends and we keep getting put into situations where we can't escape each other. In middle school, I was really athletic and just played sports a lot, and in high school, I just kept to myself. I'm also an artist, so I focused a lot on painting and kind of kept to myself. Art is one of my passions.

J-14: What are some of your favorite things about Suburgatory? Carly: It's laugh-out-loud funny, it's extremely well-written, and we just have one of the most amazing casts you could ever imagine. It's very entertaining and it's the kind of show that's easy to watch and follow. It's a feel good show. You never walk away from an episode without having a smile on your face.

J-14: How did you get your start in acting? Carly: I've had a very lucky start. My first movie that I did was The Last Song. It was my third or fourth audition and first call back I ever got. It all took off from there and then I did a few indie movies. This year I got Suburgatory.

J-14: What was it like working on The Last Song? Do you keep in touch with Miley and Liam? Carly: It was incredible. Everyone was so amazing. Miley and I became really close. We had so much fun. It was an incredible experience. We keep in touch every so often. It's amazing that Liam is doing The Hunger Games -- it's a very wanted movie by all actors

J-14: Have you ever had a Dahlia in your life when you were in school? Carly: I've never had that with someone I was involved with, but in every high school we all know that Dahlia. In middle school, especially. I think everyone is familiar with that type of person.

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Photo: Courtesy of Bob D'Amico/ABC

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