J-14 Exclusive Q&A with My Girl Friday's Justin Godsey


Pop-rock band My Girl Friday has had a busy year with the release of their latest EP American Kids and opening for The Summer Set on the road. J-14 recently caught up with their front-man and guitarist Justin Godsey to chat all about the latest album, the evolution of the band's sound, and how he got his start singing.

J-14: How did you first get started with music? Justin Godsey: I first started singing in church when I was really young. I started on the drums in junior high and I played drums in a band. Then I just started singing again once we formed this new band because that's what I wanted to do. I went to school with Ryan and then Tyler and Ryan and I were friends forever, then we met Logan. J-14: For new listeners, how would you best describe My Girl Friday's sound? Justin: Sounds kind of like poppy, country, rock music, I would say. Fun.

J-14: How do you think you've evolved as a writer throughout the years and how has your music evolved? Justin: I've definitely focused more on the lyrics than I used to. I used to try to write catchy, fun stuff. All these songs are definitely more meaningful than other stuff we've done before. J-14: What's your favorite song off the album American Kids and why? Justin: Probably "Love Will Find You." It's a slow song, it's a song I've wanted to write for a long time. [It's about] love finding you.

J-14: What's the most personal song off the album for you? Justin: Probably that one or "Rolling Stone." The first verse of "Rolling Stone" is a story when me, Stephen [Gomez of The Summer Set], and Ryan, we took a trip to California. That's basically what it's about. It's kind of a cool story.

Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Mazza/J14

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