J-14 Exclusive: Sibling Duo Brandon and Savannah Talk New Music and Meeting One Direction


With their hot new single 'All The Runaways' climbing up the charts, brother and sister duo Brandon and Savannah are singing their way to the top! The siblings, who are also huge fans of J-14 (they even had some of the J-14 stickers from the August 2012 issue on their iPhones!) stopped by recently to talk with us all about their new music, being on tour, and yes, what it's really like to meet One Direction!

J-14: Okay, tell us the truth: What's it like working with your sibling? Savannah: It's absolutely amazing. I wouldn't want to share my career with anyone else. If I don't know what to say, he'll finish my sentence, and while performing he always has my back. Brandon: We're also compatible. We're brother and sister, so it's easy to write songs together, and perform together because it's natural. I just see her around the house and I'm like, "Let's rehearse or write a song." It's so easy!

J-14: 'All The Runaways' has become a huge hit! What was it like hearing your song on the radio for the first time? Savannah: It's always been our dream to have our song on the radio, so when we heard it on one of the biggest radio stations in L.A., it was so crazy and so surreal. I was like, "That's my voice! That's our song!" Brandon: We have strong connections with our music because we write it, so when we heard it on the radio it was really crazy. Now it's being played more and more, and it's just really exciting. Every day it's more exciting!

J-14: And you guys were touring all over the place this summer! What was the best part? Savannah: Seeing how people react to our songs and getting to see people sing along with us. Brandon: Not only that, but seeing different parts of the United States that we haven't seen before! We get to see states we've never been to.

J-14: Along with your new tour, you have a new album as well! Do you have a favorite song? Brandon: We have one called "Time Bomb" -- it's a 50's-style song, and it's really cool. I think it's one of my favorites. Savannah: It's really cool, and it sounds like a story. It's kind of like I'm telling a story about Brandon and his heartbreak. I'm narrating, so it's really fun to sing.

J-14: You guys have attended the 'Teen Choice Awards' and the 'MTV Music Awards', and you've got to meet tons of exciting people. Who was the craziest celeb that you got to meet? Brandon: Katy Perry was awesome. I've always wanted to meet her. Savannah: Taylor Swift. I've always looked up to her musically, so meeting her was really awesome. Meeting everyone is awesome because of bonding time we get to have. We even chilled with One Direction at the Kids' Choice Awards, so that was a dream come true.

Photo Credit: Katie Amey/J-14 Magazine

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