J-14 Exclusive: Singer Lily Halpern Talks Music and Harry Styles


You might recognize 19-year-old singer Lily Halpern from her YouTube hit "Wishlist" or from her tour gigs opening up for Big Time Rush, Greyson Chance, and Cody Simpson -- but those aren't her only celeb friends! In fact, Lily's recently been linked to One Direction's Harry Styles after the pair were spotted spending time together in NYC. J-14 caught up with Lily to chat all about her superstar friends and her music -- her new single, "Straight Up Over You," comes out on April 19 -- and click "read more" for Lily's big surprise only for J-14 readers!

J-14: Tell us all about your debut album! Lily Halpern: My first full-length album is coming out later this year, but my first single "Straight Up Over You" is coming out on April 19. It's an empowering and positive song -- all about not listening to other people! I've also got some shows coming up and some tours this summer that I can't announce yet -- but they'll be with some big groups!

J-14: Sounds exciting! You have a ton of celebrity friends and have recently been linked to Harry Styles. Where did all of these rumors come from? Lily: I became pretty close friends with Big Time Rush [when I went on tour with them]. When they were last in New York, performing at Radio City Music Hall, I went out bowling with them after the show -- and the opening band [One Direction] was there. Actually, One Direction got asked to leave when we were bowling because they threw four balls down the lane at the same time! They didn't actually get kicked out, but they definitely made a quick exit.

J-14: Did you hang out with Harry again after that? Lily: We became really good friends. This whole thing started because people saw me leaving their hotel, but it's just that they can't go out in public when they're hanging out with their friends. We weren't trying to hide anything. He's a great guy. He's adorable.

J-14: So, when you do get to spend time together, what do you guys like to do? Lily: We watched Flubber and a couple of other movies. We actually played some tic tac toe too -- they call it knots and crosses in England. We listen to John Mayer, eat pizza, have sushi.

J-14: What was it about Harry that you really clicked with right away? Any chance of the two of you becoming more than friends in the future? Lily: We both love John Mayer! The first time we hung out -- there was a bunch of us -- and he had a John Mayer CD out. I was like, "I love John Mayer," and we went off on a tangent about it. We just ended up really getting along. I have this really sarcastic, snappy sense of humor where I make fun of someone in a loving way and he does the same thing, so we have really great banter. In the future, anything could happen. He's lovely.

J-14: You'll have to let us know! But right now, let's talk about your big announcement: An exclusive prom contest on J-14.com. Check out Lily's video for J-14 readers below and click here to find out more about how you could win the chance to have Lily perform at your prom!

Photo: Courtesy of Katie Amey/J-14 Magazine

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