J-14 Hot Band Alert: The After Party


J-14 is scouting out the hottest bands around... and this week's pick is The After Party.

Here are five things you need to know about The After Party, whose debut EP "All The Wrong Places" is out now and sophomore EP drops this spring!

  1. Kansas natives Kenny Greeley (vocals), Andy Bell (guitar), Brandon Stewart (bass), and Alan Bell (drums) are best friends who formed the band during high school. "We wanted a name that was catchy and fun," Alan tells J-14. "We've always been ones to chase dreams and right now we're on the biggest chase of our lives."

  2. Singer Kenny says the most personal song to him off the new EP is "Falling Out of Love." "I've had a couple of tough breakups over the last few years, and I wrote this song about those experiences," he explains. "I wanted to express my feelings through this song in a way that everyone who has gone through bad relationships could relate to."

  3. The band says their second EP will move away from catchy pop-punk to a more Top 40 sound, which makes sense when you hear that they're influenced by pop singers, not rockstars. "Right now, some of our biggest influences are Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and basically every other mainstream pop artist," Andy says. "We are also heavily influenced by music from the boy band era, as is apparent in a few of our new songs." In fact, the band would love to influence with Justin, who Kenny says is also one of his idols.

  4. Bassist Brandon's big crushes are all Disney stars! "I have many celeb crushes, ranging from Demi Lovato to Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens to Ashley Tisdale," he says. "I really hope one of them is reading this right now."

  5. The first CD guitarist Andy ever bought was 5ive's self-titled album. "I would jam to that CD every day on my Sony Walkman on my way home from school," he says. "I had that baby on repeat until it was too scratched up to play."

Tell us what you think about The After Party!

Photo: Courtesy of Colby Moore/Snakebit Photography

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