J-14 Hot Music Alert: Thomas Fiss


J-14 is scouting out the hottest music around... and this week's pick is Thomas Fiss.

Here are five things you need to know about Thomas Fiss, whose self-titled EP is out now!

  1. San Diego, CA, native Thomas Fiss is a former member of the group Varsity Fanclub -- he left the band in 2009. "I was kind of in a funky place," Thomas tells J-14. "I had so many songs on the table that I had written, and they weren't being used. I'm just a creative guy -- I needed to let that out. I couldn't do it in a group setting, so I decided to try it solo." Thomas does keep in contact with his former bandmates, including Drew Ryan Scott who he was closest to and talks to about once a month.

  2. Thomas recorded the song "Island" off his current EP three times! "That was a labor of love," he explains. "I put so much into it. 'Island' is the classic girl dumps guy and guy is feeling a little hurt from it story. Lyrically it's about me just trying to figure out what my path is. When I recorded it, I was picturing myself just singing in a mirror. Lyrically it's about me just trying to figure out what my path is."

  3. Thomas will head out on a new tour this winter, but he spent this summer touring with Cody Simpson! "Dude is the coolest guy in the world," Thomas tell us about Cody. "He's awesome. We covered [Jason Derulo's] 'In My Head' at a couple shows, really impromptu. He's cool! I'm a fan."

  4. The one thing Thomas needs to bring on the road to remind him of home has nothing to do with music -- he needs to have his skateboard with him!

  5. One of Thomas' fave things about hitting the road is playing the claw machine game at different rest stops. "I've probably blown so much dough doing that but it's fun!" Thomas says. "There was a time when I would take it in the van with me and the back seat was just full of all these stuffed animals! I'll win and I'll just leave it there."

When Thomas visited the J-14 office, he let us in on some of his secrets! Check out the four things you didn't know about Thomas here:

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