J-14 Hot Music Alert: Young London


J-14 is scouting out the hottest music around... and this week's pick is Young London!

Here are five things you need to know about Young London, whose debut album is set to drop this January!

  1. Young London consists of duo Matt Rhoades and Sarah Graziani from Boston, MA, who met through a mutual friend that brought in Sarah to sing some backing vocals in Matt's studio. Though they have different backgrounds, music has always had a huge importance in each of their lives. "Matt has been playing in bands since middle school, and I grew up taking piano lessons and singing in my room with the door closed," Sarah tells J-14. "I think we both sort of felt destined for music from a young age."

  2. Their band name Young London is meant to symbolize "old" meeting "new" and give meaning to their duo's sound. "The city of London has such a rich history in the music world," Sarah says. "And the word 'Young' keeps it fresh. It's what we strive for in our sound -- a mix of old and new."

  3. Sarah and Matt hope to collaborate with Jason Derülo and Katy Perry in the future.

  4. Sarah describes Young London's sound as "90s throwback'" mixed with a modern sound. "Like if you took all your 90s faves, put them in a time machine, and sent them to the future," she explains.

  5. They recently released their first pop single "Let Me Go" off their anticipated debut album. "It's about a complicated relationship -- how you can be in love with someone even if it's not the best thing for either of you," Sarah tells J-14.

Check out their music video for their first single off their debut album "Let Me Go" and let us know what you think!

Photo: Courtesy of Young London

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