J-14 Photo: McKayla is Impressed... with J-14!


McKayla Maroney may not have been impressed with her silver medal vault at the London Olympics... but she is impressed with J-14 Magazine. Just look how tight she's grasping onto the September issue with One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez on the cover!

McKayla's split-second scowl on the medal stand sparked the meme "McKayla is Not Impressed" with her photo superimposed on shots ranging from Zac Efron giving her his number to the reaping in 'The Hunger Games.'

But now McKayla's turned that frown upside down and is beaming with a huge grin in the streets of New York City clutching J-14 Magazine.

Moral of the story? Olympic Silver Medal = Not Impressed J-14 Magazine September issue = Impressed

So.... be impressed and grab the September issue of J-14 Magazine, just like McKayla!

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News

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