J-14 Q&A with Lenay Dunn


J-14 recently caught up with the host of MTV's star-studded 10 on Top, Lenay Dunn. Growing up in Minnesota, Lenay never expected that one day she'd be interviewing some of the biggest stars in the world on camera -- but lucky for us, she's willing to dish every behind-the-scenes secret that's she learned from hanging out with your fave celebs on her show!

J-14: How did you get your start? Lenay Dunn: Well, I was actually born in Africa and moved to the U.S. when I was four. I went to school to be a Spanish teacher but then Redbull found the YouTube videos I had made with my friends. I used to hand out Redbulls at concerts and events. Someone in L.A. saw them and I got a call, like, "Hey! Wanna host shows for us?"

J-14: What was the first celebrity interview you ever did? Lenay: I went sailing with Zac Efron. It was my first time sailing but the boat was so big, all you had to do was turn it once in awhile. We just talked the rest of the time. But he was super tired because he'd stayed out all night with Corbin Bleu the night before!

J-14: What's been the most surreal moment working with all these huge stars? Lenay: Well, the first time MTV sent me to a big red carpet, it was the MTV Movie Awards. This is before I had met anybody. They gave me a flip cam and were like, "Interview everybody as they walk down!" I was so nervous!

J-14: Who's your all-time favorite person to interview? Lenay: Selena Gomez is super fun. At the end of the show, I asked her to do magic. She waved her wand in front of our green screen and turned the background from a dorm room into a high rise. It was fun seeing her use her magic wand from the show! She said she keeps her wands in her boot or has special pockets sewn into her clothes to keep her wands.

J-14: If you could interview anyone in the world and do anything with them -- who would it be and what would you do? Lenay: I would write a song with Taylor Swift. I'm a huge fan. We both live in Nashville. And she loves cats and I love cats.

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