J-14 Q&A with W3 The Future


The guys from W3 The Future -- 3siXT, Hotspot and Edge One -- recently stopped by J-14 to chat about their music and recent appearance on BET's 106 and Park! The up-and-coming group dished on everything from how they got their start to where their nicknames come from to the secrets behind their must-hear music.

J-14: How did you guys get started in the music industry? 3siXT: Our manager is also the manager of the Black Eyed Peas -- and he was best friends with my dad and my uncle. Polo took me under his wing and when I wrote the song "High Volume," that's where it all started.

Hotspot: Polo found me through the Jerk movement on You Tube. He saw that my video had close to a million views and he got us together and I started to vibe with 3sixT. Edge One: My brother Poet was the producer of "Boom Boom Pow" for the Black Eyed Peas -- and he told me to come and record this demo for this group called The Phuture. When Hotspot heard it, he called our manager and things have been moving faster and faster ever since!

J-14: Where did your nicknames come from? Hotspot: All of our nicknames have meaning behind them.

3siXT: Mine's in honor of my dad. My dad's nickname in high school used to be 360 and I wanted to use that but also do it differently.

Edge One: I've always been into fashion so I dress really edgy. Also, growing up in the shuffle movement, my name was Edge so I kind of stuck with that. I added the one later to show my devotion to hip hop.

Hotspot: My story is pretty funny. So, my little brothers and I used to take baths together and in the bath there's hot and cold spots. One day, my little brother was like, "Can I get in the hot spot?" I was like, "Dude, that's a sick name." And from there I started to use that!

J-14: How old are all of you now? Edge One: We're all 14.

J-14: Wow, so you're still in school. Is it difficult to balance school with taking over the music world? 3siXT: It is, but for me I can manage it. It's time management. We have school, homework, tests, rehearsal, studio, everything. Hotspot: There aren't many times that we're really just hanging out. We're really hard workers so we are always on top of our games.

J-14: If you could only describe your sound in three words, what would they be? 3siXT: W3 The Future, because our sound is so futuristic. It's not something that you would hear on the radio.

Edge One: Out of this world! I don't think that anyone else is making music for our age.

Hotspot: Our music is on a different kind of level. We mix shuffle music with dub step and hip hop. We incorporate so much into one. We're trying to make our own style.

Photo Courtesy of W3 The Future

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