J-14's Countdown to Harry Potter -- 2 Days to Go!



In just TWO days the long-awaited Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will finally hits theaters. To help you pass the time (we wish there was a spell for that!) until the premiere, we're providing you with photos of the juiciest scenes and exclusive J-14 quotes straight from the film's famous trio!

Daniel Radcliffe on his reaction to Rupert's first HP kissing scene: "There was lots of teasing! I was a bit gutted actually because they filmed the actual kiss after I got home one day. So I couldn't watch it and laugh at it, which is deeply annoying. But I wouldn't offer advice to Rupert, I'm sure he did very, very well. But I can't wait to see it in the film."

Emma Watson on her similarities to Hermione: "I definitely think I have smiliar traits to her. I really enjoy school. I really enjoy learning like she does. Not quite as much, but I do! She's quite perceptive about people. She's quite feminine. She's quite competitive."

Rupert Grint on the casting of his love interest, Lavender Brown: "I went to some of the auditions of the final stages of auditions and met a few Lavenders and it was really cool to be involved in that side of it -- not that I really had any sort of say really, it was just for me to be there. There were some really good girls. We didn't do the kiss. We didn't actually even talk about the kiss until the day we actually did it. It was quite nerve-wracking!"

HarryPotter6-HarryKiss.jpg Harry shares a romantic moment with his BFF Ron's little sister, Ginny.

HarryPotter6-HermRonLavendar.jpg Hermione and Ron with their classmates -- including Lavender Brown.

Which Harry Potter character do you think is most kiss-worthy?

Photos: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

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