J-14's Hot Guy of the Week: Avan Jogia


Name: Avan Jogia

Age: 19

Where to see him: Avan plays the hearttrob Beck on Victorious!

Why we love him: We had a blast hanging with Avan when we went go-karting with the cast of Victorious -- he's so funny! Plus, his friendship with his costar, Victoria Justice is so precious. They always tweet each other cute best friend updates!

He talks about... his first kiss: "In the gym at the school I went to, there was an attic over the gym, and me and my girlfriend at the time would go up there and kiss during gym," he tells J-14. "It was cute. My gym teacher would be looking for me, and we could watch him run around trying to find me."

Now we want to hear from YOU, J-14ers! Do you think Avan is HOT or NOT? Let us know in the comments below!

By Melissa Marini

Photo: Eddie Malluk

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