J-14 Video: A Fan's Thank You to Selena Gomez


In January, Selena Gomez took time out of her schedule to visit 13-year-old fan Hana Hwang at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, after Ryan Seacrest contacted the star and told her about Hana' "lifelong dream" to meet Selena. Hana has progeria, a rare fatal genetic syndrome where individuals exhibit premature aging symptoms. (The movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt is about a man with progeria.) Children affected by the disease age eight to 10 times faster than the average person and tend to not live past age 13. There is also no cure at this time.

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After Selena's surprise, Hana posted a thank you video on the Children's Hospital Los Angeles' YouTube, which has more than 500,000 views:

The video was captioned: "Thank You for showing us YOUR HEARTS. Selena, you are a beautiful person, both inside and out. Your beautiful heart is a reflection of your FAMILY. Thank you BRIAN for showing us your compassion and for helping to make Hana's dream come to life. To Selena's mother, MANDY, thank you for raising such a remarkable daughter. Selena, not matter what you go through in your life, if you have LOVE and FAMILY, you're already a SUPERSTAR! Never forget that you have made a difference to us and to the world. WE LOVE YOU. -Sara, Hana's mother, Kyung, Howard and your number one fan, HANA. :)"

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