Justin Bieber Admits to Making Mistakes

Justin bieber

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As much as we love Justin Bieber, he's gotten a lot of backlash from the media lately about the things he's been doing. Even in the past week, there have been some questionable behaviors from the Biebs, and after the press took him by storm, it looks like Justin is really reevaluating his life and how he wants to live it.

Justin used his Twitter account yesterday to make sure everyone knows he realized he's been making some mistakes and wants to stay positive and learn from them instead of just letting all of the negatives tear him down.

Justin Tweet

With his relationship with Selena Gomez rekindling, we're sure he's ready to show her how much he's changed and the guy he really wants to be. At only 19 years old, we know that's something that will be very easy for him to do!

Are you glad Justin is learning from his mistakes? Let us know in the comments!

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