OMG: Justin Bieber Was Caught Kissing Ariana Grande!

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Justin bieber kisses ariana grande

All day yesterday fans were tweeting Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber to take a selfie together while they're on tour. After the duo snapped the pic, Justin tweeted at Ariana to hurry up and upload the pic. Shortly thereafter Ariana posted the photo below of Justin kissing her on the cheek.

While the photo seems innocent enough, many fans were upset with the somewhat flirtatious pic because Ariana has a boyfriend. The singer immediately reassured fans that her relationship with Jai Brooks is fine, and that her and Justin are just friends.

Poor Jai! First Ariana kisses Mac Miller for her music video — which sparked a ton of relationship rumors! — and then she posts a flirtatious pic with Justin. Do you think Jai will be upset when he sees the pic or will he understand?

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