TOO CUTE: Miley Cyrus Shows Her Love For Liam Hemsworth on His Birthday


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Miam shippers got the greatest surprise ever today due to the fact that it's Liam Hemsworth's birthday.

Miley Cyrus and Liam haven't been shy about showing off how much they love each other on social media lately. They spent the holidays together where Liam was spotted in a family photo with Miley, her parents and all of her siblings. Not only that but the "Wrecking Ball" singer also posted a cute shot of her and Liam kissing on New Year's Eve.

After that night, some fans thought they secretly tied the knot. It was Miley's photo that referred to Liam's mom as her in law that really got the rumor mill buzzing.

Now, she's just really happy that it's his birthday and the selfie she posted of the two of them is literally precious. Miley captioned the picture, "Happiest birthday EVER to my favorite being EVER EVER EVER! You have been my best friend since the day we met..... I am beyond lucky to share sooooo many animals with you!!! 🐷🦄🐶😻🐣 I love you @liamhemsworth."

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Okay...can they get ANY cuter?! No, they actually can't.

After months of keeping everything a secret, this caption really says it all. Not only is Liam her favorite person ever, ever, but she goes so far to say that he's been her best friend since the day they met.

This leaves us wondering a couple of things. Even though they broke up, had they been talking the entire time? Was that break up part of their whole plan to get eventually get back together and stay together forever? Whatever it is, they are obviously very happy and it's so good to see.

Oh yeah and we almost forgot, happy birthday Liam! LOL!

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