Nathan Sykes Talks About Ariana Grande Meeting His Parents!

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Amidst all of the Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks drama that happened this week, Nathan Sykes decided it was time to take his relationship with the "Baby I" star to the next level by introducing his girlfriend to his parents!

In his interview with Digital Spy, Nathan said he was terrified of finally taking Ariana home to meet everyone, especially since his parents are big fans!

"I took her back to Gloucester yesterday to meet all my family. I was so scared, you don't even realize," Nathan said. "But my family think she's amazing and they're like, 'Nathan, how?' and I'm like, 'I don't know.' I don't think anyone can ever punch above their weight, but I feel very lucky, put it that way."

Even the rest of The Wanted guys love Ariana and seem like they think of her as a little sister.

"They feel really protective over her. They've taken her under their wing," Nathan said. "I'm always like, 'Don't lead her astray, boys, don't lead her astray.' They adore her. She's the easiest person to get on with."

Nathan went on to gush about Ariana a little more, saying, "She's amazing, I'm so happy... she's a really special girl, I think the world of her and I hope we'll be together for a very long time."

How cute is that? We're happy everything seems to be working out so well with Ariana and Nathan. His family loves her, his bandmates love her — it can't get any better than that.

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