Perrie Edwards Reveals How Much She Misses Her Boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Getty Images

It's finally happening – Perrie Edwards* has found her Prince Charming and she's not afraid to let the world know it. There was speculation for a while that Perrie was secretly dating the soccer hunk **Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain but she hadn't exactly confirmed the news so no one was quite sure. Now, she's putting it all out there and it's freaking adorable.

It was six weeks ago that Perrie posted a shot of her and Alex kissing in front of the Effiel Tower that seemed to solidify their romance. She captioned the shot, "Him." Now, she's making things even clearer letting her fans know how much she misses her cutie!

Perrie posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, "Apologies for this extra af, cheese on toast post.... But sh-t I miss him toooo much! @alexoxchamberlain."

This is everything! Even though Perrie might be apologizing for her sappy photo, we can't help but be so happy for her. This gal has really gone through a lot when it comes to love. Not only did her ex-fiance Zayn Malik break up with her via text message, but she had to watch him get into a serious relationship with Gigi Hadid shortly thereafter. To be honest, we can't imagine how devastating that must have been especially because she's in the public eye. Reading headline after headline about what happened to your failed engagement isn't exactly the easiest way to get over a boy.

But, clearly, she's forgotten about that part of her life. Perrie and her Little Mix bandmates have had quite the year and that's all because of their exes. They wrote the song, "Shoutout To My Ex" and it has been a smash hit. Whenever they perform it, the energy in their voices and their dance moves is twice as hard as anything else they do. Most likely because this song hits home.

But, Perrie's ex is in her past and Alex is now her present and future. They are super cute together and we can't wait to see where this relationship goes. It's been years since fans have seen her this happy and everyone hopes it continues. Happiness looks damn good on her!


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