Q&A With Bret Harrison


Not enough Reaper in your life? Don't worry -- the season 1 DVD is out now and season 2 comes back with a bang this March! J-14 spoke to the devil's main man, Bret Harrison, about the new season and his friendship with former O.C. cutie Adam Brody!

J-14: What's your fave episode from season one?
Bret: I like the cop episode. [As] a first time series, you're finding the tone of the show, and in the beginning we were finding that. I feel like with that episode we were hitting our stride. Sock was terrorizing Gladys in that episode and ended up falling for her, which I thought was a really funny moment. [Sock] making out with Gladys I thought was the funniest thing I've ever seen. What was really cool was I was rocking a taser, and [my character] Sam ended up tasering the wrong guy, and the Soul had tattoos that he could actually tear off of his body that became real, and he used them as weapons. There were a couple of switch-a-roos in that episode that you didn't see coming. Sam is about to go to jail, and Sock says, 'Lets roll by your dad's place so I can put on suit jacket,' and he pretends to be Sam's lawyer, and he's got a briefcase full of tools. It just tracked really well for me. I love that episode.

J-14: Which was your favorite soul-catching tool to use?
Bret: Anything I can shoot or [use to] screw around with Ricky, Tyler or Missy. I liked the remote control car. I was driving that around tripping people up, and I had a Nerf gun, which was pretty cool shooting Tyler in the face with that. The taser gun was cool, too. I'm waiting for the boomerang.

J-14: Any season two secret you can let us in on?
Bret: I guess a quick secret is that Sam meets a guy [named Allen] who had a deal with the Devil and had gotten out of it. This guy is played by Sean Patrick Harris, and he's a pretty cool guy. Sam met this guy and now he hasn't gotten out of this deal, but he's in the middle of trying to get secrets from Allen. He's trying to get secrets form Allen, but Allen is asking for Sam to put him on sacred ground before he gives up any knowledge about The Devil and how to get out of the contract, so he sent Allen to Vatican City. Allen's asked for first class tickets and a driver and a bodyguard and all this stuff. And then what ends up happening is, his plane gets delayed in Vegas -- Sin City -- and now we're at a stand still.

J-14: What is your relationship like with your co-stars?
Bret: Tyler and I hit it off right away. I flew in and within two hours he was picking me up. He's a Vancouver local, so he was taking me around to all the different places to eat. We shared a love for music, and he's got a little recording studio in his loft apartment, which is cool.

J-14: Have there been any crazy pranks on set?
Bret: The producers got us a ping-pong table, and I don't know is this is a prank, but it really does piss Tyler off -- Tyler and Missy are certainly the most competitive in the group. I'm not that great, but I actually beat Tyler once, and he was in a bad mood for the rest of the day to say the least.

J-14: What do you think of former co-star Jessica Stroup's new gig on 90210?
Bret: I've seen her around the few times that I've been able to go back to L.A., and we have stayed in touch a little bit, and I think it's great. She was one of the best guest stars to come on our show last year. I thought that Sam and her had really good chemistry, and I only hope it helped her. I don't know for sure, but I hope she developed a relationship with The CW through Reaper, and I hope Reaper led her to 90210 because they're certainly behind that show, and I hope it keeps doing well. If those shows do well, it can only do well for Reaper.

The Reaper: Season 1 DVD is in stores now, and season 2 starts on March 17 on The CW.

Photo: Andrew Eccles/Courtesy of The CW

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