Q&A with Emily Osment


The final season of Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana Forever, kicks off this Sunday, July 11, and J-14 is counting down the days. Each day we will post a new Q&A with one of its stars. Up first -- Emily Osment. We talked to her about what she'll miss most about the show, her happiest moment on set, and her new rising music career!

J-14: What will you most miss about the show? Emily: I will miss just the feeling of being at home. You don't really get that opportunity a lot when you work. To be on the same stage, with the same people, every single day -- you don't really know what you're getting into. You really create that sense of family. You really fall in love with the people you're working with. We've been so lucky because we have the most amazing cast and crew and writers and producers.

J-14: What was your happiest moment of set for this season? Emily: We had Christine Taylor, whom I'm in love with. She plays Billy Ray's girlfriend for a little bit. (Editor's note: She's married to Ben Still in real life!) Actually I had a lot of scenes with Christine and we got to do some really funny physical comedy. So that was really fun. That might have been my happiest moment on set. Zoolander is like one of my favorite movies ever. We've been very fortunate with this whole show to have some really amazing guest stars.

J-14: What do you remember from the day you first auditioned? Emily: I was 12 and I was auditioning for the casting director first. There are more people in the room as you start coming back for more auditions. I think my final audition was with Miley who had already gotten the role, and with Mitchel. I didn't have really any clue what I was doing. I ran lines with Miley before I went in for the audition. We just played the scene out with all the correct characters. And then I got the call that I had booked it. All I could think of was that I might meet That's So Raven, because that's all I really knew from Disney Channel. I didn't really know what I was getting into.

J-14: How has your character Lily changed? Emily: I remember the first day we were here, I went up straight to wardrobe and I said, "Enough. We're growing up. I think Lily would wear something like this. We need to do more." We completely changed her style. Lily went from tomboy to more girly. I think now we need to have a definite look of Lily. She's growing up. She's a senior in high school. She's going to college. She has a job at the pier now and she needs to be very confident. Lily has become more confident because she knows who she is now. She's not just following in Miley's footsteps.

J-14: If Lily was your best friend, what would you love to tell her? Emily: Chill. Relax. Lily's crazy. In this season, she's maturing and she's finding her own peace and her own center of who she is. But, in these past seasons -- with the hair and the board shorts and the sweat bands and wrist bands -- it's like, "Girl, relax. You're going be okay." But Lily is the perfect match for Miley when it comes to best friends because she's wild and crazy and Miley's a little bit worried about what she's doing. Miley and Lily aren't the most popular kids at school, obviously. They make a good match because they're best friends and they're complete opposites, which I think is the best type of friends to have.

J-14: Are you planning to focus on your singing career now? Emily: I'm going on tour. I'm going to Europe to promote it. I'm in the studio working on my next album. I wrote my first album when I was about 14, so it has been a while. It's a completely different track for my next album. Some things have happened in my life, and I've grown up a little bit. This is a different musical path. So, hopefully it'll be in a different vein and the kids will still like it and listen to it. I've just been really enjoying that so far. It's hard for me to go a day without listening or playing or writing music.

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel

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