Take Notes: Here's Everything You Need to Know About Season 2 of 'Riverdale'


Riverdale is one of those series that has come along and you weren't exactly sure how it was going to be, but after the first episode you immediately got sucked in and now you're anxiously waiting for more episodes. At least, that's how we here at J-14 feel. Any show that gets Cole Sprouse back on our TV screens might be something special, right? Well, Season 1 ended with a literal bang (Fred Andrews, we were v worried for you) and finally, Season 2 is upon us. Well, we just had to round up every detail we know so far about what has happened and what's still to come. Let's break down all the big questions fans for sure have so you can mentally prepare for more episodes that will be coming soon:

When does Riverdale come back?

Since the series airs on The CW, the network is known for having a later start date when it comes to their fall line-up, so the Season 2 premiere was on Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. and it will now air on Wednesdays. There will be 22 episodes this season though, which gives us plenty more to obsess over. It's currently on it's winter hiatus with new episodes beginning on Jan. 17.

Will all of the cast be back?

You've come to know and love Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and the whole crew, not only as characters but as you know, real-life people. The actors who play your faves are all the best of friends off-screen too and tbh, they post the cutest, most hilarious pictures, videos and tweets about each other. Not too long ago, Lili Reinhart was with Camila Mendes in Vancouver as filming is underway and they snapped a selfie together, with Lili pretending that Camila is a fan. LOL!

But as close as the cast is, not everyone will be back. Ross Butler, who played Reggie, won't be returning to the series, as he's committed to a second season of 13 Reasons Why. His role has since been re-cast and actor Charles Melton will be stepping in, since Reggie will be playing a bigger role, something executive producer of the series, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa explained at the show's Comic-Con panel, which J-14 was in the crowd of.

"You know, when we were first casting Reggie for season one, it took us forever to find the guy who kind of embodied that, and that was Ross Butler. And then when Ross had to leave, we had to make a really tough decision. Do we retire the character, or do we try to replace this great actor? For me, and I think for the producers and for the cast, Reggie's such an important part of the show, and he's such a big element, he's Archie's kind of day-to-day rival, that I said, 'Listen, if we can find the right actor we'll do it, if we can't we'll retire Reggie,'" he explained. "And Charles was one of the first actors who came in, and he had it tough because since we had had everyone else cast, we made him read with K.J., we made him read with Cole, we made him read with Ashleigh for various reasons, because he has stories with all three of them. And the chemistry was kind of instantaneous."

OK, so that's good to know for anyone who was a tad bit worried! Cole even said during a recent Reddit AMA that everyone on set is really vibing well and fans are really going to like Reggie's new storylines

"New cast members are great. Riverdale is a pretty welcoming cast and crew, and I know first hand that coming into an already established professional machine can be intimidating. Everyone seems to be finding the rhythm. Team reggie? I think you'll be very pleased. Reggie finds a much more comic faithful take in Season 2 that is already a lot of fun," Cole wrote.

And in more casting news, Skeet Ulrich, who plays Jughead's dad FP Jones, will be promoted to a series regular instead of being a reoccurring character like he was in the first season. So that basically means for FP scenes will be coming your way, which means he might be released from jail and reunited with his son soon enough? We shall see. Those scenes between Juggie and his dad did always tear at our heartstrings, so shout-out to Cole for those performances.

Is the character of Sabrina Spellman going to be introduced?

Since the show is based on the classic Archie comics, everyone has been wondering if the one and only Sabrina the Teenage Witch would be making her way over to Riverdale. As of right now, that isn't happening to our knowledge, since that would bring more a supernatural element to the drama series that doesn't deal with witches or people having powers. Although Dove Cameron has expressed interest in the role, it was recently announced that a spin-off/companion series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is actually in development at The CW. So there's a chance the character could appear on Riverdale in a crossover of sorts, if the pilot gets picked up for a full season.

So while Sabrina is doing her own thing in Greendale, there is a rather scary character who is coming. Roberto took to Twitter to share a childhood drawing of Cheryl and Jason Blossom along with the mysterious Sugar Man. "Lock your doors, #Riverdale, the Sugar Man is coming…" he tweeted along with the photo.

Umm okay, who are you creepy looking figure?! Well as we found out, the Sugar Man was the person supplying all of the Jingle Jangle and was an associate of Clifford Blossom, since we found out last season his maple syrup business was actually a cover for the huge illegal drug ring he was running. Cheryl finds out the Sugar Man is Jughead's English teacher over at Southside High and while he's being detained at the Sheriff's office, the Black Hood goes ahead and kills the Sugar Man. Crazy.

Will Jughead and Betty last?

The most precious couple to come out of the show has been Jughead and Betty, together know as Bughead. They finally professed their love for each other out loud in the season finale, and of course, it brought on all the feels.

They're seriously the cutest. But the couple has dealt with plenty of drama when it comes to keeping their love intact so far and that's continuing into the next season, especially since the Southside Serpents welcomed him as one of their own and you know, you never want to see your boyfriend hanging out with a bad crowd. Plus, Jughead ended last season living in a foster home in another town, so he no longer was attending school with his friends.

"I think Jughead for season two is placed kind of in the middle of two worlds that are starting to collide and really erupt. As the season has progressed, it's going to start forcing him to really pick a side, which is quite a dangerous space for him to be in, because he's a very morally gray character. I think that's going to have huge repercussions for his narrative, and for his relationships with the rest of the cast. We'll see," Cole said during the Comic-Con panel. "His character is now very much the outsider. He started as a kind of intellectually foreign character at the beginning of season one, and now he is physically away from the entire cast, which is a strange place for him to be in."

Cole explained more to Teen Vogue about how much Juggy's life has changed in Season 2 now that he is a full-flegded member of the Southside Serpents.

"Jughead ends up joining the Serpents and he gets wrapped up in this world that forces his hand, forces him to play the game — which is something in season one he had a real aversion to. He ends up getting into a lot of trouble because of it, he ends up a bit more of a damaged kid. He’s a lot angrier than he was in season one," Cole said. "He gets himself into a lot of trouble because of his loyalty and honor to his family and friends, and it begins to make him question where his allegiance lies and what that means for his character — if it means stepping back again or if it means putting a foot back in. One of the dilemmas he had in season one was, 'how do I re-include myself back into this group of friends I felt very disenfranchised from?' Season two is him experiencing the repercussions of being close to people."

Roberto explained that Betty is simply nervous about what is ahead for her dear Jughead since he's now in this whole new world without her, but she isn't going to let him go just like that.

"The fear Betty has is Jughead is going to be sucked into this world that has nothing to do with Betty — he might be going to a new school, living with a new family in a different part of town, he's joined this gang. All I’ll tease is Betty is not someone who gives up easily. She’s probably the strongest of the kids. If she’s going to start losing Jughead, which may happen, she’s going to fight for him," he said to Entertainment Weekly.

And Lili made it clear that this romance will for sure be tested, just given the nature of where they are both living now and how there's so much outside drama that ends up impacting their love story.

"It’s like Romeo and Juliet. There is definitely a divide between the north side and the south side of Riverdale and Betty’s on one side and Jughead’s on the other. You have to choose a side," she said to EW. "So it causes a rift between the two and a big divide and they start to be pulled away from each other. They can’t see each other as much and that causes some Bughead problems that might tear some people’s hearts out. But there has to be trouble in paradise. This is Riverdale and people die.”

OK, Lili way to make us very worried now. But there is one person who's forever shipping the couple: Cole, as in Jughead himself.

"I think the key is that it feels honest and real and both of those kids are going through an absolute whirlwind, in terms of the things that they've seen and done over the last season. So I think – I can hope that they just sort of work through whatever's going to be thrown at them in a way that feels genuine and communicative – and kind of give that kind of relationship to kids who are watching, would be awesome," he said about Bughead's fate.

We've been treated to a few photos from the set of Season 2 that has everyone thinking the couple is still stronger than ever, at least for the first few episodes.

Precious to see them working on something together other than trying to solve a murder case, isn't it?

But Lili has shared a rather intense pic of Betty and Jughead from the comic series Jughead: the Hunger on Instagram, which is a spinoff of the Archie comics and in this version, dear old Juggy is actually a werewolf. We kid you not.

So what is Lili trying to tell us? Is the show going to take a supernatural route? Is Jughead really going to embrace the dark side and be all about that Serpent life and this image is some sort of warning of what's to come? Or was she just doing some reading and she really liked this one illustration that she just had to share it? So. Many. Questions.

What's the deal with Toni Topaz?

We had a feeling Season 2 is going to test Bughead in brand new ways, that's for sure, especially with the introduction of a new character, Toni Topaz, a Southside Serpent who befriends Jughead.

"In the Riverdale version of this character, she's going to be a student at Southside High. She's going to be a member of the Southside Serpents and she's going to be a friend and confidant to Jughead Jones," Roberto said to Entertainment Tonight. "Bughead is pretty strong, and pretty undeniable, and pretty epic, but you know even the most epic of romances has trouble, and trouble often comes as a third party. So yes, it is conceivable that Toni will potentially test the limits of Bughead."

Since Jughead and Betty are now in different schools and Toni can relate to this darker side of Jughead's life, it will create some drama for the Bughead ship. And during his Reddit AMA, Cole explained that Jughead is going through a lot during Season 2 that will no doubt have an impact on all of his relationships.

"Jughead has been dealt a pretty bad hand. He's trying to make his own path and it's not being accepted. He has to acclimate, even temporarily, to pursue the questions he needs to answer. He burns with a desire to help his father, currently his only real family member, and will stop at very little to do so," Cole explained.

Skeet Ulrich, who plays the role of Jughead's dad, FP Jones, chatted with Access Hollywood about Bughead and whether or not they are meant to be. Skeet said, "I think so. I mean it certainly seems like they are. You know, I think it’s like all relationships, whether it stands the test of time is going to be down to situation and what he gets involved in, what she gets involved in, you know, it may go back and forth but that’s the drama of it."

But, Skeet didn't stop there. He admits that his favorite Riverdale on-screen ship is Bughead and goes so far to say that he likes Lilli and Cole together. As diehard fans know, there is more than speculation that these two are together IRL so the fact that he used their real names had all of our ears perked up. He said, "I really like Cole and Lilli together, Betty and Jughead, I think there's a lot of positive qualities about them together for sure." Which brings us to the next upsetting question...

Is Betty becoming a serpent?

In order to keep an eye on Jughead, Betty inserts herself into the Southside Serpent world by doing a ~v uncomfy~ initiation dance that was pretty inappropriate for a teenage character and honestly caused a lot of backlash with fans. Lili explained in an interview though that it was supposed to make people uncomfortable, as no one wants to see Betty go to the dark side. Jughead was so not about it though. Which leads us to this...

Why did Bughead break up?

As we all saw in episode 2x05, the Black Hood tells Betty she needs to end things with Jughead if she wants to make sure her sister Polly, her parents and her friends all stay alive. Betty couldn't bring herself to break Juggy's heart and since Archie is the only person she's told about the Black Hood calling her cell phone all the time, he ends up delivering the news to Jughead who is now a full-fledged Southside Serpent.

"It is quite devastating. She is trying to do the right thing. It is sad because you want to tell them she is not doing it on purpose," Lili said about the shocking breakup. She too hopes Betty gets the chance "to explain herself, and to reconcile with him. But with the Black Hood still being a present figure in her life, it’s hard to imagine that her relationship with anyone can continue, or go back to the way it was." Cole went on to explain that this breakup obviously hurts Jughead so much, since getting pushed to the side and forgotten essentially is something he's struggled with.

"He knows he’s on the Southside now, and he knows he’s been away from everyone. And I think also, Jughead has absolutely no problem seeing himself as someone who could be easily thrown to the wayside, so I think something like that probably affects him a little bit," Cole explained. "Archie is Jughead’s weakness when it comes to Betty, because they were kind of the Three Amigos when they were young, but Betty had always favored Archie. Jughead felt more like a third wheel. So Archie coming to deliver the bad news is not only a slap from Betty, but really a slap from Archie, too, which I think is something we explore a lot later."

UGH this is all too much. And Cole went on to talk about that kiss between Jughead and Toni that sent Bughead shippers into overdrive since it was basically a few hours after the breakup Toni went in for it.

"It would be more interesting if he didn’t [push her away], and he actually somewhat enjoyed the admiration of another young woman, which I think is quintessentially the most teenage thing to do," Cole said. "Even if it’s platonic, it’s something that’s brand-new, uncharted territory for him, and he feels excited by it." SURE, OKAY COLE. But in Episode 2x06, Toni made it clear to Juggy she's more into girls than guys and she knows he was still oh so in love with Betty. And yes, Jughead and Betty got back together by the end of the episode, so all is well again after all, until Episode 2x08. Basically, Betty decides she wants to be involved in the Serpents too to keep an eye on Jughead but afetr she's threatened, Jughead feels like he can't really protect her like he wants to. So he pushes her away and we're left wondering what exactly that means for the lovebirds. In episode 2x09,

Who is the man in the Black Hood?

We finally know who the masked madman with the green eyes is! It was revealed he is none other than Mr. Svenson, Riverdale High's janitor, which we found out when he was shot and killed by Sheriff Keller and the Sheriff finally took off that mask. The Black Hood was over here killing Miss Grundy and attempting to kill Fred and Moose and Midge so you know, he's straight-up evil and is the Big Bad of this season. He claimed he was inspired to go after those in Riverdale he feels are sinners corrupting the town after Betty gave her heartfelt speech during a town hall meeting last season. So poor Betty felt like all of this is her fault when she obviously can't control what one crazed person does with his free time. But Betty couldn't seem to aprt with her own Black Hood mask she was sent, so it will be interesting to see what's ahead for her.

Is there a possibility Jughead's asexuality will be discussed?

In the comics, the character of Jughead is asexual and while on the show he is dating Betty, Cole said during his Reddit AMA that it's still something he often brings up on set.

"Of course, I haven't stopped the dialogue. I'm sure I'm quite the pest. Can't spoil too much, unfortunately, but this topic was one of the first I discussed with Roberto before this season started. I'm also of the mind that our show's discussion of such content needs to be done with tact so that the group in question doesn't feel betrayed by some half-hearted attempt to make it feel honest. As I've said in the past, we need to shoot these questions towards the creative team too~ every voice counts in this conversation," Cole said.

Will Dark Betty return?

It's no secret to viewers that our sweet Betty Cooper has a dark side to her and although we didn't see her all that much in Season 1, this side of Betty is going to have a much bigger part in Season 2.

"You’re going to see 'Dark Betty,' but in the sense that you’re not going to see her in the campy alter-ego wig sort of way. It’s more of a tortured soul Betty. Her internal darkness is coming to a head and this buried anxiety that she has comes out. You basically see the root of her depression and self-harm. She’s very much the center of the mystery of Season 2, and it kind of leaves her in a pit of emotional despair and a little bit distraught. It’s exciting for me to play a different side of Betty, but it’s going to really tug at the fan’s heartstrings. Be prepared. Have your tissues," Lili warned fans.

UGH, we really need to prepare ourselves. We just want Betty to be happy, after all.

What is happening with Archie this season?

Archie is clearly going through a rough time after seeing his dad get shot by an armed robber while the pair were about to enjoy a lovely breakfast together in Pop's. KJ Apa has said Archie is going to head down a much "darker" path, which he's looking forward to playing.

"I'm really excited to explore a different side of Archie that we haven't really seen yet, a darker side after Fred gets shot. It kinda shakes things up for him for sure. Things start to get pretty gnarly," the actor shared. KJ went on to tell Entertainment Weekly that this storyline has been really challenging for him as an actor and we'll see a whole new side not only to Archie, but to KJ as well.

"To be fair, I read that first episode of the second season and I was thinking I don’t know if I’m good enough to do this. I’m a new actor. I’m new to this kind of material and I was cushioning myself. I really have learned a lot this season and I think I’ve shot some of the best stuff I’ve ever done," he said.

One thing both Cole and KJ have made clear is that they're all about more Jughead and Archie scenes. Their characters are besties and the guys are legit like brothers in real life and it seems like everyone is longing for more interactions between these two. Ultimately, everyone wants to see their friendship grow since they two are being faced with a lot of drama too, so let's hope more of that comes up this season. Plus, they're both just so ridiculously good looking that is just a shame to not have them in more scenes together, just the two of them. But we digress.

Is Fred going to survive being shot?

That Season 1 finale left everyone shook, that's for sure. Fred's fate was up in the air and cast all stayed super mum on what's going on of course. Luke Perry, who plays Papa Andrews, wasn't pictured at the cast's first table read of the season though.

And Molly Ringwald, who plays Archie's mom Mary, snapped a selfie on set with Cole and KJ letting everyone know she is indeed back for Season 2, despite the fact that her character lives in Chicago and is separated from Fred.

"Back with this cuteness #Riverdale," Molly wrote in the caption.

So this all could mean that Fred is in the hospital and of course, Archie's mom would come back to town. When the first episode completed filming, the director, Rob Seidenglanz, took to Instagram to share a rather ominous first look once they wrapped. And yes, the episode is titled, "A Kiss Before Dying."

That is blood all over Archie's varsity jacket and as you may remember from the scene when Fred was shot, he was laying in his son's arms, and now we're getting emotional again thinking about it.

By the end of the first episode of the season though, Fred's fate will be revealed, Roberto confirmed at Comic-Con.

"We're going to find out Fred's ultimate fate at the end of the premiere. The first episode is basically Archie, the gang, all of the town, sort of sitting, waiting to find out what's going to happen with Fred. It will be revealed at the end of the first episode. We're all pulling for him, though," Roberto said. And Robert kept that promise because now we know that YES FRED LIVES! He wakes up in the end of the final episode in his hospital bed and goes home with Archie, and Archie's mom on hand to help out. Fred seems to be doing okay voerall but KJ revealed things might be getting tough for Papa Andrews, especially since we saw the scene when Archie casualy checked in on his dad and asked Fred how he was feeling.

"I think at this stage, yeah [fans should be worried about Fred]. The reason for that scene was to give a little bit of concern for how he’s doing health-wise, I think, but yeah. For sure, they should be a little bit concerned," KJ [said to Glamour](https://www.glamour.com/story/riverdale-stars-kj-apa-madelaine-petsch-on-black-hood-identity-and-more.

What happened to Miss. Grundy?

When the cast appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy having already seen the first episode of Season 2 admitted that there is plenty of more dangerous drama to come.

"Let's just say two people end up in the hospital. What?! Two people, I don't even want to say who it is, end up in the hospital," Jimmy excitedly shared. And now we know he was referring to Miss. Grundy. Yes, Archie's music teacher who he was secretly dating made an appearance in the last scene of the episode but it didn't last long, since we found out that she's living across town in Greendale, was dating another one of her students (girl you are NOT well), and she was murdered by the same masked man who shot Fred Andrews. WHO IS THIS GUY??? That's a mystery we have yet to find out but Archie and the crew are for sure going to be getting to the bottom of this season.

Is Reggie going to be on the show more?

Part of the reason why Ross wasn't able to reprise his role as Reggie is because the character is going to be appearing in more episodes with bigger storylines, which was something he couldn't commit to since filming for 13 RW was at the same time. But there will be plenty more Reggie as Charles said to Teen Vogue, and he will be bonding with Archie.

"Well, you can definitely expect to see a lot more Reggie. There's going be a lot more interaction with the core characters, especially Archie. And you'll see the dynamic and the friendship and the ally that Archie finds in Reggie when it comes to protecting Riverdale after reeling in the whole aftermath, his father being shot. I'm pretty excited about everything that we've done so far, specifically I'd say episode four. I'm very excited for that episode," Charles said. Plus there's another new couple on the rise: Josie and Reggie. The actors who play these characters, Ashleigh Murray and Charles, posed for a pic together on set (along with a hilarious photo bomb), but the tweet along with the pic says a lot. "Before you see Reggie & Josie interact in #Riverdale Season 2, read more about them in the tie-in comic!"

Interacting how exactly?! Well, that comic the tweet links to is about Reggie setting his sights on Josie and these comics are written by Roberto who you know, the RD expert and all! Well, looks like it is since Ashleigh confirmed the news at Comic-Con to Entertainment Tonight.

"[Josie] might be getting a little love, and a potential suitor is Reggie Mantle, who is played by our new and lovely Charles Melton. He's phenomenal. He might be able to bat some lashes at me," Ashleigh teased.

And they're not the only new ship to get ready for. Casey Cott revealed in that same ET chat that his character Kevin will be getting a new love interest too since his boyfriend Joaquin left at the end of Season 1.

"I think at first he's going to kind of deal with the breakup in his own way. There is a new love interest coming which I really don't know who it is, but Roberto has told me there's a new [one coming.] My last love interest turned out to mop up blood and put dead people in the lake and stuff so I'm looking for someone who's maybe a little more honest and kind," Casey joked about his love story with Joaquin, who you know, aided in covering up Jason Blossom's death. Casual.

Is Jughead's dad FP still in jail?

Season 1 ended with Jughead's dear dad in jail for the role he played in cover-up Jason Blossom's murder, which we know he only did because Jason's dad Clifford blackmailed him and threatened to hurt Jughead if FP didn't help out. But Roberto shared a father and son pic from set and FP is clearly out from behind bars, wearing a very familiar uniform.

And as we found out in Episode 2x08, FP gets released and takes up a job at Pop's now. FP is ready to leave the Serpent life behind and make a better life for Jughead, since he wants more for his song. So Juggy's decision to join the gang and now as debts to pay off to the awful snakecharmer Penny Peabody doesn't sit well with FP.

"At first, there's a bit of just wanting to live a normal life, to obviously get back to Jughead and to live a straight, clean, life. As we know in Riverdale, that's not always easy," Skeet said to TV Guide. "He gets a job at Pop's. He has the things he has to do for parole. He's trying to move Jughead away from the Serpents and clean things up a bit for the two of them. That's what's after, more so than ever."

And then we see FP ends up re-joining the Serpents after wanting to retire, taking Jughead's place and sacrificing himself for his son's freedom.

Are Kevin and Betty not friends anymore?

Kevin and Betty have been besties for years so when their friendship hit a bit of a snafu with Kevin feeling like Betty just doesn't understand him or his life, it hurt them both. Betty is worried about her bud, but Kevin felt like she was judging him and currently they're not really speaking to each other. But as Casey explained, that won't last forever because these two just value their friendship too much.

"For maybe one of the first times the ball’s really in Kevin’s court. Betty’s definitely sorry and Kevin knows that. He just needs a little time, and once he’s ready they’ll be right back to the best buddies walking down the hallway. It’ll just take a minute and then they’ll be back to their perfect friendship. You can’t separate Betty and Kevin. You can try but it’s not going to work," he said to Entertainment Weekly.

What's going on with Archie and Veronica?

It took these new friends long enough to figure out they totally have legit feelings for each other and although their love story is just beginning, they have potential to really be something great. They bring out the best in each other but going into Season 2 with the return of Veronica's dad Hiram Lodge (played by Mark Consuelos) and Archie dealing with what happened to his dad Fred, this couple is going to be tested too.

"For Veronica and Archie, this is for both of them their first serious, grown-up relationship. They’re fun and really into each other. But almost immediately they’re going to be put through the ringer because the first big test of Veronica as a girlfriend will be helping Archie get through what happens to Fred. She’s the happy-go-lucky sophisticate, so for her to sign on for a relationship as fraught as it is, that’s going to be a real challenge," EP Roberto said. And as Camila explained to Teen Vogue, this type of relationship is something totally new for our girl V.

"Well, I imagine that Veronica, in her past, was not very much a relationship kind of girl. She had her flings, and the guys she would hook up with, but she never really committed to anything to play the role of a serious girlfriend. Considering what you see at the end of season one, and what that does to Archie, it traumatizes him. Veronica now has no choice but to step up to the plate and be a serious girlfriend in order to help Archie get through his trauma. I think Veronica's nervous, but then that kind of transitions into fearlessness. I think she busted up the courage to be vulnerable because there is a lot of strength and courage in vulnerability," Camila said. "I think Archie and Veronica's relationship is way more primal, and you kind of see that in literally the first episode of the whole show. That establishes their chemistry, with Seven Minutes in Heaven. Then in season two, seeing how much death there is, and how much darkness there is, that kind of brings out their thirst for life. That being said, there is still a lot more substance to the relationship as well, romantically and emotionally. That kind of evolves throughout the season as well."

So these two are for sure in for a ride this season seeing how their romance keeps blossoming. Plus, in the OG Archie comics, Hiram and Archie do not get along and that is something that will for sure carry into the show and brings another complex later to the Archie ship.

"One of the reasons why Archie and Veronica got together is because we wanted them dating when Hiram gets there. So we’re going to honor that proud tradition of Hiram hating Archie, and also subvert it. And Mark is much more charming than the Hiram in the comics," Roberto explained to TVLine. "For a while, we’re not going to know what his intentions are, if he’s truly reformed or not. Very quickly, we’re going to know he has a strong opinion about Archie, though."

And the Lodge fam clearly doesn't mess around. Just take this first selfie Marisol Nichols, who plays Veronica's mom Hermione, posted on Instagram. "Lodges are back baby 😘," she wrote in the caption.

But Camila looks like she can actually be Mark and Marisol's child, so this is already perfect casting if we say so ourselves. But, V's dad isn't the only guy Archie is going to have to worry about. It has been confirmed that Veronica's ex-boyfriend, Nick St. Clair, is making his way to town and he knows all about Veronica's dark past. Nick is being played by Graham Phillips and while he's only appearing in two episodes as of right now, he's for sure going to wreak some havoc.

"He brings out Veronica’s dark side, which I don’t think we really got to see in Season 1," Camila said about Nick's arrival to Entertainment Weekly. "Episode 205, let me just say, is a really big 'girls sticking together' [episode]. This Nick St. Clair guy, the ex-boyfriend that comes into town, he does some really bad things. And it involves Veronica and Cheryl. And because of that, it brings all of the girls together to kind of fight it. It’s kind of in the same light as episode 3 in season one."

And as we know, Nick tried to assualt Veronica and Cheryl and he ends up in a car acciden that leaves him v hurt after this news comes out, courtesy of the Lodge family. Crazy.

Did Archie and Veronica break up?

By the end of Episode 2x08, things are not looking good for Varchie. Archie tells V he loves her and she can't say it back, which leads the couple to realize they both view their relationship in a bit of a different light. Veronica dirve away in tears and Archie then gives a longing look into Betty's window which has us all FREAKING OUT as to what is next. Archie and Betty end up kissing, but by the end of episode 2x09, Arch and V seemed to get back together. The Archie/Betty/Veronica triangle is a staple of the Archie comics and as Roberto said to TVLine, "it’s sort of always bubbling underneath. It’s something that we are going to play a little more aggressively in the second half of the season, but hopefully in a way that is unexpected and a twist."

What's going on with Cheryl Blossom?

Well, Cheryl has gone through a lot so far. She found out her twin brother was killed by their own father, who then took his own life once his daughter exposed the truth, and she ended the season setting her home on fire. So this new phase in her life is going to take some adjusting. If you thought dealing with all of this tragedy would bring out her nice side, that is for sure not the case. At least not at first.

"I actually think she’s going to become even colder and even meaner in Season 2. After what happened in Season 1, she’s just done. She’s so shut down and broken," Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl, said to TVLine. "Veronica wants Cheryl to become a part of the gang, and Cheryl wants so badly to become a part of the gang, but she’s so egotistical and there’s so much going on in her head that she doesn’t do it."

Basically, Cheryl is going through a major life change and she's taking control of her life once and for all.

"We kind of talk about it like Cheryl as a phoenix being reborn from the ashes of her house. She chose to take her life back and take the power away from her mother who's been keeping things from her, her whole life. So, she burns the house down to let her mom know that she needs to be scared. The beginning of season two is exactly that. Cheryl is taking the reins back from her mother. Hell hath no fury like a Cheryl scorned. She's kicking [butt] and taking names, for sure," Madelaine said to Teen Vogue.

And while Cheryl will still have that tough exterior, Madelaine explained that we do get to see the other side of her little by little.

"You see a lot more of Cheryl. The breaks, the cracks in her façade. The walls come down in very interesting ways. She's a lot more involved with the gang this season, and you see this really vulnerable little girl in the first six episodes of the season that I think people need to see in order to understand where Cheryl is in her life," Madelaine continued to Teen Vogue. "The wardrobe is even more amplified for Cheryl in season two, [as well]. I just had a fitting and everything is ... I kind of take it as the red that Cheryl wore a lot in season one was something that her parents enforced upon her. Like red was part of the Blossom family. In this season, she still wears red, but she's kind of taking everything into her own hands, so even her outfits are more tailored to her and less about making her family happy. It's very interesting. I think Cheryl kind of shows her emotions and the way she's feeling through her clothes, and the way she styles [her outfits] and her makeup and her nails. It's small details like that that we're really fine-tuning in season two, which I'm really excited about."

Plus, Cheryl is getting a love interest! There have been rumors swirling that it may just be Toni Topaz. While both Madelaine and Vanessa, who are actually the best of friends in real life since they met forever ago during the audition process for the show, have stayed super mum on it, KJ isn't holding back with his teaser. While he was hanging out with Elle Magazine, they had him read out some wild fan theories and react to them. At one point, he reads a tweet that says "If Cheryl Blossom's new love interest isn't Toni Topaz I'm gonna be pissed hear me out." And that's when KJ replies, "You're probably going to be pissed." Umm, okay so does that mean it's not Toni or is he just playing games with us?! Well as we saw in episode 2x07, Cheryl is basically obsessed with her BFF Josie and doesn't want to share Josie with anyone, so it looks like that's who Cheryl is totally and secretly in love with after all.

Is there going to be a wedding this season?

Fans have been freaking out over the fact that the cast was spotted filming a wedding scene with none other than Veronica wearing a wedding dress and Archie and Jughead wearing kilts. Now before you think V is getting hitched, it's important to note that also in this scene is Jason Blossom and well, he is no longer alive. Now we all know this was simply all part of a dream sequence of sorts Fred was having before he regained consciousness after getting shot and having surgery.

Is Betty gaining new members to her family?

As you might remember, Betty's older sister is pregnant with twins, and Roberto confirmed this is something we will see and it won't happen off-screen. Plus, the Cooper girls found out they actually have an older brother who was given up for adoption when he was born. So will be finally meet this mysterious secret brother?

"I wouldn’t be surprised, and that’s all I’ll say about that," Roberto said after the finale.

However, it has just been confirmed by TVLine that Betty's long-lost brother, Chic, will appear in Season 2 and will be played by newcomer Hart Denton. Prior to Riverdale, Hart has only starred in two projects: Fun Mom Dinner and Lethal Weapon. Prior to this announcement, there was one wild fan theory floating around though that suggests Joaquin, Kevin's former flame and the serpent who helped FP cover up Jason's death, since Clifford Blossom threatened to hurt Jughead if FP didn't take care of the crime he committed, would be the child Betty's mom Alice put up for adoption. Complicated, I know. But since Joaquin was so willing to help FP, everyone wondered if FP is his dad. Which means Betty and Jughead would share a half-sibling. OH EM GEE. Now we know that this theory isn't true, although Mädchen Amick‏, who plays Alice Cooper, took to Twitter to tease fans who believed it.

She's posing alongside FP himself, Skeet Ulrich, and wrote, "#Riverdale fans, be careful what you wish for 😘." GIRL, QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH US RN.

And what has us even more confused is that Roberto tweeted back with a new ship name.

Wait, what does this mean? Were FP and Alice really a couple once upon a time? Alice's serpent past has been hinted to before, which FP knows all about but we need details, like right now. What does this mean for Bughead? It's unclear at the moment but for sure has everyone shook.

Is Betty and Veronica's friendship going to be tested?

Unfortunately, this is true and it's going to be a sad time for fans seeing this drama play out.

"When Betty and Veronica do have a conflict with one another and when they aren't necessarily on the same team anymore, it makes you realize how much you do love the girls as a duo," Lili said, which Camila touched upon too.

"It's heartbreaking watching that conflict unfold because it's coming from a place of love and protection, so it hurt. The audience will be hurt watching it," Camila added.

UGH, SO NOT READY. Lili further elaborated on the drama that's ahead for our beloved B and V and explained that Betty isn't going to be in the best place in Season 2, causing a strain on the girls' friendship.

"They're a really great female friendship. In Season 2, you definitely see that continue. [But] with any friendship, there's going be drama. They're both dealing with such intense family drama. The mystery of Season 2 revolves around Betty and takes its toll on Betty and her mental health, and that kind of puts a strain on her and Veronica's friendship. They get into a fight and it's the first time you see them go head-to-head and just really have a genuine fight, which you didn't exactly see past the first three episodes in Season 1," Lili said to Elle. "The friendship is still there; they're still a crime-fighting duo, which you see more of. I love having scenes with Cami. I know how much people love seeing Betty and Veronica together."

While we're assuming they're referring to the fact that the Black Hood made B cut V out of her life so Betty said some truly upsetting things to her bestie, Camila assured fans it's not over Archie, since those triangle days are long gone.

"I can tell you that the fight I'm speaking of does not involve Archie. It's not necessarily about a guy. It's just about Betty being in a compromising situation, and her having to hurt [Veronica] in order to protect her. It comes from a place of love, but it's still heartbreaking, and they do eventually make up, as they always do and always will," she said to Teen Vogue.

Will Jughead eat more burgers?

Part of the classic description of Jughead as a character in the Archie Comics is that he always has his cap on and has an extreme love for burgers. It seems like some fans felt that in Season 1, Cole didn't film enough scenes where he was well, eating a burger so the actor made it clear it's something he's keeping in mind.

"I promise I'll eat some burgers, OK?" Cole jokingly said at Comic-Con. "I promise, stop yelling at me on Twitter! The burgers are like the cherry on top, it has to be a real treat."

And he did, as we saw in the first episode back. Bughead went to Pop's together to look for Fred's missing wallet and Pop offered them a meal, which Jughead happily accepted, despite Betty being very confused over how her BF could eat during such a stressful time.

Finally, will Cole's twin brother Dylan ever appear on the show as Souphead, Jughead's cousin who looks just like him?

Short answer: no.

"We've had people talk about Souphead, or whatever his name is. That to me is also one of those things that one, I'm hard-pressed to think Dylan would ever say yes to and that I would ever approve of. And two, that wouldn't break fourth wall," Cole explained to E News. "We live in this universe where if Dylan came on as an identical twin cousin to Jughead, people would be like, 'What does this have to do with [the show]?' It's just one of those things that it would be hard, but if it makes an appearance, who knows." And he once again totally shot down this idea when he spoke to Glamour too about the chance Dylan would appear on the show.

"Zero," Cole said with a laugh. "Absolutely zero. I wouldn’t want it, Dylan would never do it, and I think it would break fourth wall too much. A lot of my fans from the Suite Life still come up and say, 'This would be fun!' I think it would just be silly. It would be super, super weird and totally not appropriate. I also just don’t think Dylan wants to, to be honest, I wouldn’t want to either. People want to see us on-screen together again, and that’s fine. That’s flattering, I guess. But if it’s going to destroy the kind of world that we’ve built, it’s wildly inappropriate."

So there you have it. ALL. THE. DRAMA. It looks like Season 2 will be tackling a lot and good thing the entire first season is already on Netflix and streaming on The CW app so we can rewatch whenever. That way we can start plotting what we think will happen in October. We can try, right?

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