Cuties: Allow Us to Introduce You to Selena Gomez's Little Sisters, Gracie and Tori


For twenty years, Selena Gomez was an only child. Her parents Mandy Teefey and Ricardo Gomez got divorced when she was little and they have since remarried, each giving Selena two new sisters. That's right, Sel is a big sister to two little cuties!

First came Gracie Elliot Teefey on June 12, 2013, who she was over-the-moon excited to welcome into the family. Selena finally had a younger sibling!

Although Sel doesn't post too much about (as per her mom and step-dad Brian's request we're assuming), the few moments we have seen between them prove just how close their bond is. She took to Instagram to share a video where she's talking to little G, who is already so confident and cool just like her older sis, making sure Gracie understands that she should always remain fearless. It's honestly so precious. Watch the video to see Selena giving Gracie this heartwarming pep talk:

Seriously, so cute and it's crazy to think how big Gracie has already gotten. Remember when Selena shared a Christmas photo of the pair back in 2014?

But Gracie is a master at being super supportive of her big sister's accomplishments since was on hand at We Day California back in April of 2017 where Selena was serving as one of the hosts. Mandy took to her own Instagram account, kicked2thecurbproductions, to share a precious new photo of Gracie looking as fabulous as ever. "Even lil Gracie meeting amazing kids. These kids are so inspiring!!! XO," Mandy wrote in the caption.

Those blonde curly hair though. The cutest! Selena has always spoken about how ecstatic she is to have Gracie in her life, and she's obviously well-known and respected in the Selena fandom. But there's another member of Sel's family who is equally as adorable: her dad's daughter Victoria "Tori" Gomez. She was born on June 24, 2014, one year after Gracie and she's now the most precious 3-year-old ever.

The songstress is still very close to her dad and her step-mom Sara, so obviously she has nothing but love for her other little sister. They've spent holidays together of course.

And Tori went to see her big sissy out on the Revival Tour, along with their dad and Tori's older half brother, who is also Selena's step-brother, and Sara.

Can we talk about how Tory came dressed in the cutest outfit ever too, with the back of her shirt reading "That's My Sissy."

Selena's family is legit goals. She has two precious half sisters, a step-brother and a step mom and dad, along with her biological mom and dad, so clearly this blended family is filled with so much love. It's no wonder the "Bad Liar" singer values her time with her family so much. She's so close to everyone and respects her relationships with them all so much. And this is why Selena is the best big sister ever.


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This post was originally published on June 29, 2017, and has since been updated.

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